Notice of Security Sample Clauses

Notice of Security promptly after the date hereof, join with the Note Trustee in giving notice to each relevant person of the Security granted to the Note Trustee pursuant to the Note Trust Deed and procure that each such person acknowledges the same. In addition to the foregoing, the Issuer shall from time to time deliver, and assist the Note Trustee in delivering, such other notices in relation to any Security as the Note Trustee may reasonably request;
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Notice of Security. The Borrower and the Security Trustee hereby give notice to the Account Bank (and the Account Bank hereby acknowledges and accepts this Agreement as notice) of the Security created over the Accounts pursuant to the Borrower Account Charge and the Account Bank agrees:
Notice of Security. Breach See Part 1, D of the Business Associate Agreement. Measured specifically for ETF participants. Immediately
Notice of Security. Pursuant to clause 3.1 (Grant of Security and Declaration of Trust) of the Deed of Charge and Assignment, as continuing security for the payment or discharge of the Secured Obligations, the Issuer with full title guarantee in favour of the Security Trustee (for its own account and as trustee for the Transaction Creditors), inter alia: - assigned by way of first fixed security the Benefit of all of its present and future rights, title and interests to, in and under the Charged Transaction Documents; - charged by way of first fixed charge the Benefit of the Accumulation Account, the Cash Collateral Account, the Counterparty Downgrade Collateral Account, the Distribution Account and each account of the Issuer other than any such accounts situated outside England and Wales(and any replacement thereof) and for all its other book debts, present and future, the proceeds of the same and all other moneys due and payable to it and the benefit of all rights, securities and guarantees of any nature enjoyed or held by it in relation to the foregoing. - The Issuer hereby gives notice to the Account Bank of the creation of the security created in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Agreement. The Account Bank hereby acknowledges the receipt of such notice.
Notice of Security. Interest in favour of Banque Nationale de Paris in the original principal amount of USD$6,151,389.00 registered against the Property described under the heading “Brampton Lands” in Schedule 1.01(a) as Xxxxxxxxxx Xxx XX000000 and RO783927 on January 13, 1987. Schedule 8.03 – Permitted Indebtedness Nil 8.03 - 1
Notice of Security. The Carrier hereby gives notice to the Shipper that, pursuant to the Security, the Carrier has assigned and granted Security Interests to the Collateral Agent in all of the Carrier’s right, title, estate and interest in, to and under the Assigned Agreements.
Notice of Security. If the rights of the Chargor under any Security Assets Documents cannot be secured with the consent of the party to that document: (a) the Chargor shall immediately notify the Chargee in writing; and (b) if required by the Chargee, give notice in the form reasonably required by the Chargee to any relevant Person of the Security contained in
Notice of Security. (a) The Chargor must:
Notice of Security. In respect of each relevant Series of ETP Securities, the Issuer hereby notifies each party to this Operating Procedures Agreement that pursuant to the Trust Deed, the Issuer has created security in favour of the Trustee over all of the Issuer’s rights, title, interest and benefit present and future in, to and under this Operating Procedures Agreement.
Notice of Security. Union There shall be at least three months' notice to the Union in the event of a proposed lay-off of a permanent or long-term nature which affects the bargaining unit. Employees Inthe event of a lay-off of a permanent or long-term nature, the Hospitalwill provide notice to affected employees in accordance with the lay-off procedures outlined in Article Consultation with the Union and Employees