Accumulation Account definition

Accumulation Account. The account designated as such, established and maintained pursuant to Section 5.01(a)(iii) of the Trust Sale and Servicing Agreement.
Accumulation Account means each account designated as such, established and maintained pursuant to Section 2.3(j) of the Administration Agreement.

Examples of Accumulation Account in a sentence

  • During the Controlled Accumulation Period, Available Principal Collections deposited to the0.00Principal Accumulation Account pursuant to Section 4.4(c)(i),(ii) iii.

  • At any time following the consummation of a Qualified Financing and in accordance with the notice requirements set forth in Section 2.2 above, the Company shall have the right to prepay, without premium or penalty, any or all of the unpaid Principal Amount and interest accrued thereon under the Note, to the extent that Holder does not first provide the Company with a Conversion Notice in the applicable timeframe permitted herein.

  • Additional Exclusions for all System Protection Plans • Any rooftop, through-the-wall, or hanging furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or water heater units.

  • The entire Accumulation Account of each Participant will be distributed over a period not to exceed the life (or life expectancy) of the Participant or over the lives (or life expectancies) of the Participant and a designated Beneficiary.

  • Excludes $488,013,699.00 of cash held in the Collection Account on January 31, 2019 to be deposited into the Principal Accumulation Account on the February 2019 Payment Date.

More Definitions of Accumulation Account

Accumulation Account means the separate account(s) established for each Participant. The current value of a Participant's Accumulation Account includes all Plan Contributions, less expense charges, and reflects credited investment experience.
Accumulation Account means the accumulation account held with the Accumulation Account Bank.
Accumulation Account means the separate account established for each Participant to which will be credited all Plan contributions, less expense charges, plus earnings thereon.
Accumulation Account means a Holder Record maintained by a Settlement Participant for the purpose of facilitating settlement of transactions in Approved Financial Products with non-Participant clients.
Accumulation Account means the accumulation account specified in clause 3.1(a) (The Security Trustee as a Party) of the Account Agreement.
Accumulation Account. The account designated as such, established and maintained pursuant to Section 5.01(a)(iv) of the Servicing Agreement.] [Accumulation Amount: For any Distribution Date during the Revolving Period, the aggregate amount on deposit in the Accumulation Account.] Act: An Act as specified in Section 11.3(a) of the Indenture.
Accumulation Account means the account maintained under this contract comprising all Accumulation Units effected hereunder and any Net Deposit not yet applied to effect Accumulation Units.