Northeast Sample Clauses

Northeast. On the northeast quadrant the INDOT property LA Code 4603 Parcel 1 is present. Adjacent properties are a large four story brick building owned by Sigecom which is a large communications center with many satellite dishes on the roof and many fiber optic cable truck lines underground. This building was formerly part of the Evansville Brewery complex and is the only building remaining of that complex. The INDOT parcel LA Code 4603, parcel 1, now vacant, was part of the Evansville Brewery complex. Other businesses on the north side is a vacant single story building with a “for Leasesign. The Xxxxxxxx Finishing building that places liquid coatings and powder coatings on metal parts, and has been in business since 1952 according to Xx. Xxxxxxxx. Also on the north side of Xxxxx Expressway on the east side of Xxxxxx Avenue is a gas station, a coin shop, a very old former gas station that has fallen into disrepair, an a pawn shop. Immediately north of the INDOT vacant parcel LA 4603 parcel 1 is another vacant parcel, which currently has several cars, trucks and a construction crane parked on it. This vacant lot was also part of the former Evansville Brewery complex.
Northeast. Rural agrees to build *** cell sites in the *** region as referenced on Exhibit 1. Rural agrees that the buildout for this region shall be completed in the general area depicted by the propagation of the cell sites in Exhibit 1. The *** shall be completed by ***, and remaining *** sites will be complete by ***. Rural further agrees to complete the remaining cell site build for the *** region by ***. The Parties acknowledge this region to be a business priority for Cingular and therefore Rural agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to accelerate the completion date for the buildout in this region to be during ***. Rural further agrees to discuss with Cingular methods for completing this buildout on an accelerated timeline.
Northeast. If B. Solomon fails to acquire (on terms and conditions no less favorabxx xx Xxxxhaser and Castle PC on a going-forward basis than those set forth on Schedule 2.7 ("Acceptable Terms")), at or prior to Closing, the equity interest ("Northeast Interest") in Northeast not currently owned by B. Solomon, there shall be no breach of this Agreement, but the Purcxxxx Xxxxx shall be reduced as described in Section 3.2. In addition, all representations, warranties and covenants of the Sellers and the Shareholders relating to Northeast and any contracts or agreements relating to Northeast held by the Administrators (the "Related Northeast Assets")(other than the provisions of Sections 12.8 and 12.11) shall be deemed deleted from this Agreement from its inception, unless the provisions of Section 2.8 apply.
Northeast. Unless B. Solomon acquires the Northeast Interest at or prior to Closing, Nxxxxxxxx xhall not be obligated to sell its Assets to Purchaser and Castle PC, no Administrator shall be obligated to sell its Related Northeast Assets to Purchaser or Castle PC, and neither Purchaser nor Castle PC shall be obligated to purchase the Assets of Northeast or the Related Northeast Assets or assume the Assumed Obligations in respect thereto, except as set forth in Section 2.8 above. In the event B. Solomon does not acquire the Northeast Interest at or prior to Clxxxxx, xx default hereunder shall be deemed to have occurred and, except as set forth in Section 2.8 above, effective immediately upon the Closing, Northeast shall no longer be a party to this Agreement and shall owe no further obligations hereunder other than those set forth in Sections 12.8 and 12.11, which shall continue in full force and effect.
Northeast. The Purchaser's and Castle PCs obligations on the Closing Date to acquire the Assets of Northeast and the Related Northeast Assets and assume the Assumed Obligations of Northeast shall be subject to the acquisition, at or prior to the Closing, of the Northeast Interest by B. Solomon. Following the Closing Date, the Purchaser's and Castle PXx xxxxxxxions to acquire the Assets of Northeast and the Related Northeast Assets and assume the Assumed Obligations of Northeast shall be subject to the provisions of Section 2.8 hereof.
Northeast. All rights and obligations hereunder of Northeast (and of the Administrators with respect to the Related Northeast Assets) shall be subject to the acquisition, at or prior to the Closing, of the Northeast Interest by B. Solomon.
Northeast. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Northeast hereby agrees to contribute the Northeast Project to the Operating Partnership. The Operating Partnership hereby instructs Northeast to convey on behalf of the Operating Partnership the Northeast Project directly to GR-Northeast, and the Operating Partnership shall cause GR-Northeast to accept the Northeast Project. The "Northeast Project" includes:

Related to Northeast

  • Western LONDON agrees that it will keep records relating to its services hereunder in accordance with all applicable laws, and in compliance with the requirements of Rule 31a-3 under the 1940 Act, WESTERN LONDON hereby agrees that any records that it maintains for the Fund are the property of the Fund, and further agrees to surrender promptly to the Fund any of such records upon the Fund’s request. WESTERN LONDON further agrees to arrange for the preservation of the records required to be maintained by Rule 31a-1 under the 1940 Act for the periods prescribed by Rule 31a-2 under the 1940 Act.

  • Loop A transmission path that extends from a Main Distribution Frame or functionally comparable piece of equipment in a Customer's serving End Office, to the Rate Demarcation Point (or NID if installed at the Rate Demarcation Point) in or at the Customer's premises. The actual transmission facilities used to provide a Loop may utilize any of several technologies.

  • Water Service The Purchase Price for the Property shall include all water rights/water shares, if any, that are the legal source for Seller’s current culinary water service and irrigation water service, if any, to the Property. The water rights/water shares will be conveyed or otherwise transferred to Buyer at Closing by applicable deed or legal instruments. The following water rights/water shares, if applicable, are specifically excluded from this sale:

  • WATERBEDS The Tenant: (check one) ☐ - Shall have the right to use a waterbed on the Premises. ☐ - Shall not have the right to use a waterbed on the Premises.

  • Mortgage Banking Business Except as has not had and would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect:

  • Energy 1. Cooperation shall take place within the principles of the market economy and the European Energy Charter, against a background of the progressive integration of the energy markets in Europe.

  • Electric If Customer has selected an Electricity Fixed Rate on the Application, Customer’s Price will be based on the Fixed Rate(s) which includes Local and State taxes, Gross Receipts Tax (GRT), PJM Adjustment (defined below) charges and adjustments and Utility applied charges and/or fees related to generation, plus the Administration Charge, which includes, Electricity Balancing Amount and third party utility and billing charges. Customer understands and agrees that included in the Administration Charge is the cost of the Energy Balancing Amount (defined below). Customer understands that in order for RITERATE ENERGY to be able to supply Energy to its existing and prospective customers, RITERATE ENERGY enters into supply arrangements to meet the forecasted consumption of its various groups of customers. These forecasts are based on historical data, load shapes and/or estimates. To the extent that actual pooled consumption of RITERATE ENERGY’s Energy customers varies from supply arrangements and/or Customer’s Utility delivery requirements, RITERATE ENERGY incurs a cost in balancing and settling its supply arrangements with such pooled consumption. To ensure a fixed all-inclusive Rate, RITERATE ENERGY has included in the Administration charge, the Energy Balancing Amount, to balance and settle the variance between pooled consumption and supply arrangements (the “Energy Balancing Amount”). In respect of Electricity, Customer understands that there are certain estimated pass through costs, made up of charges to RITERATE ENERGY by the PJM Interconnection (“PJM”) and/or Customer’s Utility, including but not limited to ancillary service charges, the cost of unaccounted for electricity, capacity charges and any replacement or recharacterization of these charges. In this regard, the “PJM Adjustment”, is included in the Fixed Price Rate. Customer acknowledges and agrees that by entering into this Agreement, Customer will not be eligible to receive any net metering credits and other incentives to which Customer would otherwise be entitled. Further, included in the Rate are the amounts charged or billed to RITERATE ENERGY or Customer by Customer’s Utility, the PUC or any other regulatory or government entity, including any taxes, delivery, regulated transmission, regulated distribution, pipeline, compressor fuel, uplift, congestion, locational marginal pricing, invoice market participant, service, billing, or similar or related changes and any, deposits, interest or late payment fees or other amounts in connection with the supply and delivery of Energy to the Premises (collectively, “Regulatory Charges”). Customer agrees to pay the monthly Administration charge for Energy supply (the “Administration” charge).

  • Gardens Lawns, xxxxxx, flower beds, trees, shrubs, outside walls and fences.

  • Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk The approved posted schedule shall provide a minimum of 16 hours off between scheduled tours, unless mutually agreed between the Nurse and the team.

  • Shopping 4. The methods of procurement are subject to, among other things, the detailed arrangements and threshold values set forth in the Procurement Plan. The Borrower may only modify the methods of procurement or threshold values with the prior agreement of ADB, and modifications must be set out in updates to the Procurement Plan.