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Market integrity. 4.2.1 In the First MOU, HKEx and the SFC acknowledged that, with the coming into effect of the Merger Ordinance, there was a need to formalize new arrangements as soon as reasonably practicable for the effective discharge of their respective responsibilities in relation to SFC oversight of HKEx and its subsidiaries, supervision of Exchange Participants and market surveillance to reduce any areas of duplication of function, to facilitate a smooth and cooperative working relationship and to enable the SFC more effectively to discharge its statutory obligation of supervision and that the SFC had supplied HKEx with a draft of a proposed Memorandum of Understanding covering these matters as a basis of further discussions. The parties agreed to work together in good faith and in a spirit of mutual cooperation to consider that draft and to finalize as quickly as reasonably practicable an appropriate Memorandum of Understanding.
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Market integrity. Unlike regulated stock exchanges, the market for virtual assets is nascent and may not operate under a set of recognised and transparent rules. Outages are not uncommon, as are market manipulative and abusive activities, and these all result in investor losses.
Market integrity. We have a fair and competitive marketplace. The rules for bidders are outlined in the Terms & Conditions. Bidders must agree to these rules prior to participating. In addition to other remedies available, we reserves the right to exclude a bidder from participating in future markets due to the bidder’s violation of any of the rules or obligations contained in the Terms & Condition. Bidders who violates the marketplace rules or engage in behavior that disrupts the fair execution of the marketplace restricts a bidder to length of time, depending upon the seriousness of the violation. Examples of violations include, but are not limited to: ❖ Failure to honor prices submitted to the market place. ❖ Breach of the terms of the published in Request for Quotation/NIT.
Market integrity 

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  • Data Integrity Contractor shall implement policies and procedures reasonably intended to ensure that Protected Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information in its possession is complete, accurate, and current, to the extent necessary for the Contractor’s intended purposes, and has not been altered or destroyed in an unauthorized manner.

  • Integrity 2.1 Transmission control ☒ VPN connections ☒ The use of private storage media is prohibited ☒ Special protection when physically transporting data media

  • Program Integrity The state must have processes in place to ensure that there is no duplication of federal funding for any aspect of the demonstration.

  • Quality All products will be new and unused. All products provided by the Contractor must meet all federal, state, and local standards for quality and safety requirements. Products not meeting the requirements of this section will be deemed unacceptable and returned to the Contractor for credit at no charge to the State.

  • Responsiveness The Contractor has provided an appropriate and timely response to each of the City’s requests.

  • Data Integrity Control Personal Data will remain intact, complete and current during processing activities.

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