Program Integrity Sample Clauses

Program Integrity. 12.1 Fraud Reporting Mechanismsa. Identify all mechanisms that will be available to the public for reporting cases of suspected LIHWAP waste, fraud, and abuse. Select all that apply.✔ Online fraud reporting✔ Dedicated fraud reporting hotline✔ Report directly to local agency/district office or Grantee office✔ Report to State Inspector General or Attorney GeneralForms and procedures in place for local agencies/district offices and vendors to report fraud, waste, and abuseOther - Describe:b. Identify strategies that will be used for advertising the above-referenced resources.Select all that apply✔ Printed outreach materialsAddressed on LIHWAP application✔ WebsiteOther - Describe:12.2. Identification Documentation Requirementsa. Indicate which of the following forms of identification will be required or requested to be collected from LIHWAP applicants or their household members. Note: The types of documentation required is left to the discretion of the grantee. The types of documentation included in the list below are examples of documentation required by LIHEAP grantees for some or all household members based on policies within the State, Territory or Tribe. Comparable documentation and procedures may be instituted for LIHWAP households or may be modified or simplified for households that are categorically eligible based on enrollment in programs identified in question 1.5. Type of Identification Collected b. Describe any exceptions to the above policies.‌12.3 Identification VerificationIdentify what methods will be used to verify the authenticity of identification documents provided by clients or household members. Select all that apply✔ Verify SSNs with Social Security AdministrationMatch SSNs with death records from Social Security Administration or State agency✔ Match SSNs with State eligibility/case management system (e.g., SNAP, TANF) Match with State Department of Labor systemMatch with State and/or federal corrections system Match with State child support systemVerification using private software (e.g., The Work Number) In-person certification by staff (for Tribal grantees only)Match SSN/Tribal ID number with Tribal database or enrollment records (for Tribal grantees only)Other - Describe:12.4. Citizenship/Legal Residency VerificationWhat are your procedures for ensuring that household members are U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are qualified to receive LIHWAP benefits? Select all that apply.✔ Clients sign an attestation of citizenship ...
Program Integrity. The State must have processes in place to ensure that there is no duplication of Federal funding for any aspect of the Demonstration. Specifically, the State must ensure that there is no duplication of Federal funding between the State’s Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program and the Demonstration. In addition, the State must ensure that there is no duplication of Federal funding between the State’s VFC Program and the Demonstration. The State must confirm in each quarterly and annual report that there is no duplication of funding.
Program Integrity. The PIHP must have administrative and management arrangements or procedures for compliance with 42 CFR 438.608. Such arrangements or procedures must identify any activities that will be delegated to affiliates and how the PIHP will monitor those activities.
Program Integrity. Pursuant to Title 42, CFR, section 455.1(a)(2), Contractor shall have a way to verify with beneficiaries that services reimbursed by Medi-Cal were actually furnished to the beneficiaries. Contractor shall have an established method to conduct service verification. Upon request, Contractor shall make this method and sample work available to the Director. EXHIBIT CTERMS OF PAYMENT
Program Integrity. LCCC acknowledges and agrees that Chamberlain is solely responsible for and maintains all discretion with respect to the nature of the Chamberlain Programs, including the offering, substitution, or cancellation of any program. LCCC further acknowledges: (a) that Chamberlain will consider admission of LCCC Students to Chamberlain Programs on the same terms and conditions as any other applicant to the Chamberlain Programs, as may be amended from time to time; (b) that all LCCC Students who are admitted to and enrolled in a Chamberlain Program must comply with all academic and administrative requirements of Chamberlain, including admission requirements, academic policies, and program requirements; (c) that Chamberlain may change academic and administrative requirements at any time in its sole discretion; (d) that Chamberlain retains sole discretion on the award of proficiency credits and the transfer of courses and (e) that Chamberlain is solely responsible for maintaining any website, social media, or other platform owned or operated by Chamberlain. This Agreement is made explicitly subject to the terms of Chamberlain’s admission requirements, academic policies, and program requirements, including but not limited to the Chamberlain academic catalog and student handbook (all of the foregoing collectively referred to herein as the “Chamberlain Policies”). See Exhibit A for hyperlinks to Chamberlain’s current admission requirements and student handbooks.
Program Integrity. 5.2.1 HMO has not been excluded, debarred, or suspended from participation in any program under Title XVIII or Title XIX under any of the provisions of Section 1128(a) or (b) of the Social Security Act (42 USC Section 1320 a-7), or Executive Order 12549. HMO must notify TDH within 3 days of the time it receives notice that any action is being taken against HMO or any person defined under the provisions of section 1128(a) or (b) or any Subcontractor, which could result in exclusion, debarment, or suspension of HMO or a Subcontractor from the Medicaid program, or any program listed in Executive Order 12549.