REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. (RFQ) A type of Bid Document that can be used when a formal Bid opening is not required (e.g., discretionary, sole source, single source or emergency purchases).
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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. (RFQ) A procurement method that can be used in situations such as discretionary, sole source, single source, or emergency purchases and certain Centralized Contracts.
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. (RFQ) A type of Bid Document used by an Authorized User to conduct a competitive procurement among Contractors.
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. Applicable for Products and Services not included in Annex C - Description of Products. Axtel will request the quotation in writing in a mutually agreed format and containing the following minimum information:
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. (RFQ) - a solicitation used to acquire goods and/or services with a total dollar value less than the State of Texas competitive bidding amount.
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. If Olympus provides the Supplier with a RFQ, the RFQ shall not constitute an offer by Olympus and Olympus may withdraw or alter the RFQ without notice. All responses to RFQs provided by the Supplier and received by Olympus in Olympus' standard form will constitute a valid quotation and offer for the supply of the Services (Supplier’s Offer). For the avoidance of doubt, the Supplier’s Offer does not constitute an acceptance by Olympus of the Supplier’s Offer.
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. The Government shall use the UNFPA on-line Request for Quotation form to submit individual purchase orders for the Supply Items included in Annex I: (click on “Order”). The following information shall be included in Section A.1 “Customer details” of the Request for Quotation form in the line, “Funding source, if different from requesting organization”: Credit/Loan/or Grant number______________ Project Closing Date_____________________ Should the Government be unable to access the online form, please contact UNFPA’s Procurement Services Branch to obtain the latest electronic copy of the Request for Quotation form. The contacts are: Asia, the Pacific, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Arab States: Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx at Africa: Mr. Udara Bandara at Latin America and the Caribbean: Xx. Xxxxxx Xxx at Alternately: A sample of the Request for Quotation form is provided below. Instructions: In order to process your request, please complete sections A-D and return this form to your respective UNFPA regional focal point (listed below) by email. Contact details - Please complete steps A.1-A.3 Customer details Organization Name:   Type of organization(check one): UN agencyNGO Government other (please specify)   Funding source, if different from requesting organization: Include Word Bank Loan/Credit Agreement Number and Project Closing Date here Address: [Street Address] [ZIP Code] [City, Country] Contact person first name:   Last name:   Title:   E-mail:   Telephone (include country code):   Fax number (include country code):  
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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. OCAP Purchasing Department shall submit a request for quotation to the Supplier, with any data necessary to the formulation, such, by way of an example, drawings, specifications, samples, etc. In case of incomplete documentation, the Supplier shall ask to the OCAP Purchasing Department for the integration. The Supplier shall then submit its proposal to the OCAP Purchasing Department.
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. TOSS LLC shall document Sales Opportunities by submitting to LLLI a Request for Quotation (RFQ).
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. The solicitation form used in negotiated procurement when award will be made after negotiation with the offeror. Solicitation — A document requesting or inviting offerors to submit offers. SOR — Sales Order Release. The document which summarizes the essential contract requirements and the job charging number for the services to be performed. TXXX — Truth in Negotiations Act. Federal law enacted at P.L. 87-653 to provide the government with sufficient information before the contract award to ensure that it does not pay excessive prices for its procurements. WAWF — Wide Area Work Flow system. ANNEX 7 AUDIT & COMPLIANCE REVIEW PROCEDURE
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