Magazine Sample Clauses

Magazine. To the extent that publishes a magazine, it will include a full page advertisement of in the first quarter Year 2000 edition of the magazine. shall provide the print advertising to which shall meet the magazine's technical specifications by the required insertion date. [*].
Magazine. All of the properties, assets and operating rights (including but not limited to any ancillary publications) constituting a system for publishing a magazine, including, without limitation, on-line publications of such magazine.
Magazine. —Any building or struc- ture, other than an explosives manu- facturing building, used for the storage of explosives.
Magazine. The District may produce and distribute such publication as it may deem desirable, to assist with promoting the Purposes of Lions Clubs International in the District, and such publication shall be called the "The Northern Lion”.
Magazine further execute an appropriate waiver of rights in relation to articles, photographs and/or other artwork, as the case may be, that are submitted to Buzz for publication, and are selected for publication in an issue of Buzz, be it either in physical hard-copy form or via the internet. AGREED AND ACCEPTED AS OF May 10, 2007: BUZZ MEDIA LTD. Artist /s/ Tiffany Walsh /s/ Leanne Callahan By: Authorized Signatory Name: Leanne Callahan MAGAZINE Buzz Media Ltd. (the “Company” or “Buzz”) ARTIST AGREEMENT
Magazine. Author. "Article Title". Magazine Title. Date (day abbrev. Month year): Page(s).
Magazine. Students are given opportunity for self-expression through of the Institute magazine ‘Sthanveeshvar’. Deserving students are appointed as student editors for different sections of the magazine on the basis of a test or nomination done tentatively in the month of September by the Staff Editor concerned in consultation with the Chief Editor. Students are required to submit their articles to their respective Student/ Staff editors by 15th November every year.
Magazine. Once the rights become available, Bloomberg shall grant SRMG the right (subject to Bloomberg’s approval rights as specified here and in the BBW License Agreement) during the Term to publish the Magazine in the English and Arabic languages pursuant to a separate license agreement attached hereto as Schedule D (the “BBW License Agreement”) executed by Bloomberg and SRMG simultaneously with this Agreement. Subject to mutual agreement of both parties on an editorial plan and one publish ready mock-up of the first issue of the Magazine in order to gauge the look, feel and quality of the editorial content, SRMG shall publish the Magazine (i) initially on a frequency/schedule to be agreed by the parties for the first year of the Term of this Agreement and (ii) if mutually agreed upon by the parties, every two (2) weeks pursuant to an agreed upon schedule for the remainder of the Term. Standards and operating procedure for publication of the Magazine are set forth in the BBW License Agreement attached hereto and incorporated herein.
Magazine. The Clerk asked to record thanks to Cllr Chapman for organising the distribution of the March magazine to all the distributors.A resident had sent the Clerk an extremely complimentary email about the magazine which had been circulated to all councillors. The Chairman asked that it run as a letter in the next edition.The new printer trialled for the March edition has been very well received. Cllr Bailey proposed and Cllr Fitzpatrick seconded and all councillors indicated with a show of hands that they were in agreement that this new printer continue as the preferred printer for the foreseeable future.
Magazine. A magazine of the required size will be provided to fulfill the requirement of blasting of mineral as well as inter burden as detailed in the chapter of Blasting. The Magazine shall be erected as shown in the enclosed plate no 5-9. The design of the magazine shall be as per approval of the chief controller of Explosives, Govt. Of India. The magazine shall be properly fenced and provided with as security guard round the clock.