Licensed IP Sample Clauses

Licensed IP. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that, as between the Parties and subject to the rights and licenses granted herein, Licensor is, and at all times shall remain, the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title and interest, throughout the world (including all intellectual property and other proprietary rights), in and to all Licensed IP, and any copies of the Licensed IP, whether made by or on behalf of Licensor or Licensee.
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Licensed IP. Subject to Section 3.3, Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive license (with the right to grant sublicenses through multiple tiers) under the Licensed IP to conduct research and to develop, make, have made, use, offer for sale, sell and import Licensed Products, worldwide and for all fields of use. Licensee shall promptly provide to Licensor a copy of any Sublicense Agreement. The grant of any such Sublicense Agreement will not relieve Licensee of its obligations under this Agreement.
Licensed IP. Appendix H sets forth a complete and accurate list of all Patents included in the Bluebird Licensed IP, indicating the owner, licensor and/or co-owner(s), if applicable, and, for any Elected Candidate and Licensed Product-relevant subject matter or Materials, if no Patent is specifically licensed, a list of all subject matter or Materials that are included in the Bluebird Licensed IP, including those licensed under a materials use license or equivalent. Bluebird Controls the Patents listed on Appendix H and the Know-How within the Bluebird Licensed IP, and is entitled to grant the licenses specified herein. Bluebird has not granted to any Third Party any rights or licenses under such Patents or Know-How within the Bluebird Licensed IP that would conflict with the licenses granted to Celgene hereunder.
Licensed IP. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Company hereby grants to Transferee an exclusive (even as to the Company), fully paid-up, and royalty-free (except for the Fixed Payment), irrevocable (except as provided in Section 11, below), assignable, and sublicensable (subject to the provisions of Section 2.6, below) license under the Licensed IP to Develop and Commercialize Covered Products in and for the Field and solely in the Territory.
Licensed IP. Subject to Section 3.3(b), Nanobiotix hereby grants to Lian, and Lian accepts, an exclusive (even as to Nanobiotix), sublicensable (subject to Section 2.2), royalty-bearing license under the Nanobiotix IP to Develop and Commercialize the Licensed Products in the Field in the Territory, provided that Nanobiotix shall be entitled to continue and conclude, directly or indirectly, the following Development for the Licensed Products in the Territory that is on-going as of the Effective Date of the Agreement: (i) the clinical study known as “Rectal PEP503-RC-1001”, (ii) the clinical study known as the “NBTXR3 301 Study” and (iii) the clinical study known as “HNSCC PEP503-RC-1002”. Manufacturing of Licensed Product for the Territory is reserved to Nanobiotix, provided that Lian shall label and package the vials of Licensed Product supplied by Nanobiotix as further set out herein and in the Supply Agreement.
Licensed IP. (a) Part A of Schedule 7.14.2 identifies as of the Closing Date a complete and accurate list of (i) all registered Business-Specific Licensed Trademarks and issued Business-Specific Licensed Patents in the Licensed Territory, (ii) each pending application in the Licensed Territory with respect to any Business-Specific Licensed IP specified in (i) above, and (iii) each Out-License Agreement.
Licensed IP. Subject to Section 12.1.2, as between the Pfizer Licensors and the Company Licensees, the Pfizer Licensors shall own and retain all right, title, and interest in, to, and under all Licensed IP.
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Licensed IP. The term “Licensed IP” shall mean the Licensed Patents and Licensed Technology.
Licensed IP. Neurotrope acknowledges and agrees that: (i) all right, title and interest in and to the Licensed IP shall be owned solely and exclusively by BRNI (except for rights granted to NRV II); (ii) all use of the Licensed IP by Neurotrope shall inure to the benefit of BRNI; and (iii) Neurotrope shall not at any time acquire any rights in the Licensed IP by virtue of any use it may make thereof. Neurotrope shall not represent, use or permit the use of the Licensed IP in such a way so as to give the impression that the Licensed IP is the property of Neurotrope.
Licensed IP. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Emergent hereby grants to Aptevo, effective at the Effective Time, a perpetual (subject to Article IV), royalty-free, worldwide, non-transferable (except for certain assignments as provided in Section 6.3) license, under the Licensed IP, to research, develop, make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, import and otherwise commercialize the Products, solely within the Field (and, for clarity, Aptevo will have no rights under the Licensed IP for any other purpose).
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