Payment Requests Sample Clauses

Payment Requests. 6.11.1 All requests for payment by the Professional shall be submitted with an ORIGINAL and one (1) copy.
Payment Requests. The Recipient must submit each payment request electronically through the DELPHI eInvoicing System, unless a waiver is granted; use of the DELPHI eInvoicing System requires the FTA Manager for the Underlying Agreement to review all supporting documentation before authorizing payment.
Payment Requests. It is expressly agreed and understood that the total amount to be paid by the Grantee under this Agreement shall not exceed $15,000.00, unless otherwise an amendment is approved by the Grantee. Drawdowns for the payment of eligible expenses shall be made against the line item budgets specified in Paragraph III herein and in accordance with performance. Expenses for general administration shall also be paid against the line time budgets specified in Paragraph III and in accordance with performance. All requests for reimbursement shall be submitted monthly, on a form acceptable to the Grantee, for costs incurred under this Contract, along with one (1) set of verifiable written supporting documentation of the expenditures by the Subrecipient for the Project Services (“Supporting Statements”), which shall be submitted to the Grantee in such form acceptable to the Grantee in its sole and absolute discretion. Such Supporting Statement shall include all checks utilized on reimbursement must clear the bank institution. With approval from UCP Director, any pending cancelled checks must be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of the check. Subrecipient shall submit final reimbursement request to the Grantee within ten (10) days (by June 10, 2021) of the Agreement termination date. Payments may be contingent upon certification of the Subrecipient’s financial management system in accordance with the standards specified in 2 CFR Part 200.302. Please reference Exhibit E, F and G.
Payment Requests. The District shall submit payment requests in accordance with the following procedure. Reimbursable Project Costs may include, without limitation, reasonable and customary expenditures, including Soft Costs, for design and construction of the District Improvements, demolition, site clearance, streets, sidewalks, curb, gutters, landscape, drainage improvements and amenities, parks, land assembly, site grading, and similar costs authorized under the Act, listed on Exhibit B, or otherwise eligible to be reimbursed pursuant to the Act. Any payment request shall indicate the applicable portion of the Reimbursable Project Costs for the District Improvements completed and to be reimbursed by the Authority and such other information as the Authority may from time to time reasonably require, including, but not limited to evidence satisfactory to the Authority of the proper application of past disbursements and evidence substantiating any and all of the Reimbursable Project Costs indicated in such notice. The payment request shall further include a certification by an engineering professional agreed to by the Parties that all Reimbursable Project Costs were actually incurred and not previously reimbursed to the Developer or the District pursuant to a payment request and that the Improvements made or the costs incurred therewith were constructed or incurred in compliance with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, this Agreement and the Urban Renewal Plan. Prior to payment, the Authority has the right to require adequate documentation of expenditures from the District to include lien releases from contractors completing the work and included on the payment request. In addition to the foregoing requirements, prior to disbursement of bond proceeds, the Developer or District agrees to provide the documentation and certifications that satisfy the requirements of the Trustee, the Authority, the District, the Resolution and the Bond Documents. The Authority agrees to promptly review and approve such payment requests that comply with the requirements of this Section 7.3.
Payment Requests. In order to receive the Purchase Price for a completed Facility or Discrete Component, inspection thereof under Section 3.1 shall have been made and the Owner shall deliver to the Director: (i) a Payment Request in the form of Exhibit D hereto for such Facility or Discrete Component, together with all attachments and exhibits required by Exhibit D and this Section 3.3 to be included therewith (including, but not limited to Attachments 1 and 2 to Exhibit D), and (ii) if payment is requested for a completed Facility, (a) if the property on which the Facility is located is not owned by the City at the time of the request, a copy of the recorded documents conveying to the City Acceptable Title to the real property on, in or over which such Facility is located, as described in Section 4.1 hereof, (b) to the extent paid for with the proceeds of the Bonds, an assignment to the District of any reimbursements that may be payable with respect to the Facility, such as public or private utility reimbursements, and (c) an assignment of warranties and guaranties for such Facility, as described in Section 4.5 hereof, in a form acceptable to the City. Upon receipt of a Payment Request (and all accompanying documentation requested by the Director including, but not limited to, copies of applicable invoices, receipts, cancelled checks and lien releases), the Director shall conduct a review in order to confirm that such request is complete, that such Discrete Component or Facility identified therein was constructed in accordance with the Plans therefor, and to verify and approve the Actual Cost of such Discrete Component or Facility specified in such Payment Request provided that, with respect to DIF Improvements and other Facilities (but excluding Completed Facilities), it does not exceed the sum of the contracts and change orders previously approved in writing by the Director. The Director shall also conduct such review as is required in his discretion to confirm the matters certified in the Payment Request. The Owner agrees to cooperate with the Director in conducting each such review and to provide the Director with such additional information and documentation as is reasonably necessary for the Director to conclude each such review. For any Facilities to be acquired by another public entity or utility, the Owner shall provide evidence acceptable to the Director that such Facilities are acceptable to such entity or utility. Within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of...
Payment Requests. Vendor shall submit all partial payment requests and final payment request to District. Payment requests shall be submitted by the 18th day of the month preceding the month in which payment will be made. On approval by the District, partial payments will be made by the first day of the month following the month in which request for payment is made. All payment requests shall show all Scope of Work-Fee Items and sub items for the Contract Work. In addition, said requests shall show the percentage of completion of each Fee Item and sub item and the amount thereof, said amounts being totaled to arrive at the value of the completed Work. The net partial payment amount shall equal 95% of said total.