Landlords Sample Clauses

Landlords. 1. CNL Income Canyon Springs, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
Landlords. DEFAULT Landlord shall not be deemed to be in default under this Lease Agreement until Tenant has given Landlord written notice specifying the nature of the default and Landlord does not cure such default within thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice or within such reasonable time thereafter as may be necessary to cure such default where such default is of such a character as to reasonably require more than thirty (30) days to cure.
Landlords. A Landlord under one or more AgriInsurance Contracts may select the Continuous Hail Insurance Option even if the Tenant(s) (being an Insured under this Contract) of that Landlord has not selected the Continuous Hail Insurance Option or is not otherwise eligible for the Continuous Hail Insurance Option, but the Landlord must pay the Premiums and Administration Fees payable in respect of that selection. If the Continuous Hail Insurance Option is selected by the Landlord in respect of one AgriInsurance Contract, that selection shall apply to all AgriInsurance Contracts of that Landlord.
Landlords. We will make every reasonable effort to undertake a gas safety inspection at your property. We will also make you aware if we fail to gain access to your tenanted property. Swale Heating Ltd cannot be held responsible if we cannot gain access to carry out your gas safety inspection. It is your legal responsibility as a landlord to ensure that the property has a valid Landlord Gas Safety Record.
Landlords and Tenant's obligation to make any payment pursuant to subparagraph 6.3.2 and 6.3.5 above shall survive the termination of this Lease. If after termination of this Lease, actual Operating Expenses for the calendar year of the termination are less than Estimated Expenses for such year, Landlord shall pay Tenant in cash its Pro rata share of such difference. If actual expenses are higher than Estimated Expenses, then Tenant shall pay Landlord in cash its Pro rata Share of such difference. Any payment pursuant to this subparagraph shall be prorated based upon the number of months of the Term in the year of termination.
Landlords. Prior to the Effective Time for each Store, the Seller will use all commercially reasonable efforts (without any obligation of Seller to pay money for such consent other than such amounts specifically due and payable under the terms of the applicable Lease): (i) to obtain a Landlord Consent and Estoppel Certificate from each landlord under a Lease for an Assumed Lease Store; and (ii) to obtain a written modification to the use clauses - 22 - contained within the Leases for Stores #6110 and #6125 so as to permit as an additional permitted use the use of same by Buyer after the Effective Time for each such Store as a "full service retail drug store with licensed pharmacy operation" (collectively the "Two Mandatory Lease Amendments"). Buyer shall not materially adversely interfere with Seller's attempts to obtain the Landlord Consent and Estoppels Certificates, or the Two Mandatory Lease Amendments, and in connection therewith shall comply with the covenants set forth in Section 2.05 of this Agreement.
Landlords. Insurance Landlord shall maintain such insurance on the Building and the Premises (other than on Tenant’s Property or on any additional improvements constructed in the Premises by Tenant), and such liability insurance in such amounts as Landlord elects. The cost of such insurance shall be included as a part of the Basic Costs, and payments for losses thereunder shall be made solely to Landlord or the mortgagees of Landlord as their interests shall appear.
Landlords. Taxes To pay, subject to the provisions of this Lease, all Landlord's Taxes as and when same become due.
Landlords. To the Knowledge of the Company, all material conditions and agreements under the Leases to be satisfied or performed by each landlord or sublandlord under the Leases have been satisfied and performed in all material respects. To the Knowledge of the Company, there are no material uncured defaults on the part of each landlord or sublandlord under the Leases. The Company has not sent any notice of default under the Leases to any landlord or sublandlord under the Leases, and to the Knowledge of the Company, there are no events which have occurred that, with the giving of notice or the passage of time or both, would result in a default by any landlord or sublandlord under the Leases
Landlords. 4.1 Any person including foreign legal and physical persons disposing of any type of property have the right to lease it. State authorities in charge with the administration of state property enjoy the right to lease state property while keeping in mind the type of property it involves. Cooperative and State enterprises have the right to lease complexes of real estate, separate buildings, equipment and other material objects in their keeping or under their active management.