Definition of Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and maintenance means the replacement or repair of any components of a wireless facility or complex where the replacement is in its effect, size and operation identical to the component being replaced, or for any matters that involve the normal repair and maintenance of a wireless facility or complex without the addition, removal or change of any of the physical or visually discernable components or aspects of a wireless facility or complex that will impose new visible burdens of the facility or complex as originally permitted. Any work that changes the services provided to or from the facility, or the equipment, is not repairs or maintenance.

Repairs and maintenance of fishponds means any

Examples of Repairs and maintenance in a sentence

Electrical: Repairs and maintenance: Minor repair work, including the replacement of lamps or the connection of approved portable electrical equipment to approved permanently installed receptacles.
Repairs and maintenance expenditures are charged to operating expense as incurred.
Repairs and maintenance costs are recognized in net profit in the statement of comprehensive income when incurred.
Repairs and maintenance Routine maintenance, repair costs, and minor renewal costs are expensed as incurred.
Repairs and maintenance are charged to the income statement during the financial period in which they are incurred.