Concession Agreement definition

Concession Agreement means the Concession Agreement referred to in Recital (A) above and annexed hereto as Annex-A, and shall include all of its Recitals and Schedules and any amendments made thereto in accordance with the provisions contained in this behalf therein;
Concession Agreement means this Agreement, its Recitals, the Schedules, hereto, the RFP and any amendments thereto made in accordance with the provisions contained in this Agreement and the Letter of Award issued by PIDB, on behalf of the Authority.
Concession Agreement means the agreement to be entered into between the Authority and the Selected Bidder (in case of consortium it will be SPV) as per the draft format set out in Appendix-II to this RFP.

Examples of Concession Agreement in a sentence

  • The Service Concession, which was granted by KCRC to the Company under the Service Concession Agreement dated 9th August 2007 (“Existing Service Concession Agreement”), provides the necessary legal framework to enable the Company to access, use and operate the assets required to run the KCR railway.

  • On 23rd August 2018, the Company and KCRC entered into the supplemental service concession agreement for the HSR to supplement the Service Concession Agreement dated 9th August 2007 in order for KCRC to grant a concession to the Company in respect of the HSR and to prescribe the operational and financial requirements that will apply to the HSR.

  • The Substitution Premium shall be in addition to the Nominated Company agreeing to bear all the liabilities of the Concessionaire in terms of the this Concession Agreement, Financing Agreement, Letter of Allotment/Sub-Leasing Agreements and sub-contracts with the Sub-Contractors, and which shall include but not be limited to overdue and future payments towards taxes to be paid to any Government (State Govt.

More Definitions of Concession Agreement

Concession Agreement means an agreement between a highway agency and a concessionaire under which the concessionaire is given the right to op- erate and collect revenues or fees for the use of a federally funded highway in return for compensation to be paid to the highway agency. A concession agreement may include, but not be lim- ited to, obligations concerning the de- velopment, design, construction, main- tenance, operation, level of service, and/or capital improvements to a facil- ity over the term of the agreement. Concession agreement shall not include agreements between government enti- ties, even when compensation is paid, where the primary purpose of the transaction is not commercial in na- ture but for the purpose of determining governmental ownership, control, ju- risdiction, or responsibilities with re- spect to the operation of a federally funded highway. The highway agency’s determination as to whether an agree- ment between government entities constitutes a concession agreement shall be controlling.
Concession Agreement means this agreement executed between the Department, the Concessionaire, the PLBs and the Selected Bidder (as Confirming Party) including its Schedules and annexures and includes any amendments made thereto in accordance with the provisions hereof;
Concession Agreement means the Indiana Toll Road Concession and Lease Agreement, dated as of April 12, 2006, by and between the authority and the concessionaire, providing for, among other things, the lease of the toll road to the concessionaire and for the provision of toll road services by the concessionaire for the term of the concession agreement, together with all amendments thereto.
Concession Agreement means an agreement entered into between a public agency and a private sector participant for and in respect of a public-private partnership;
Concession Agreement means an agreement entered into between the GSRDC and Concessionaire for Survey, Design, Engineer, Procure, Finance, Construct, Manage, Operate and Maintain the Project Highway at its cost and expense;
Concession Agreement means the contract to be executed between the DOTC and the LTFRB and the Winning Bidder or a legal entity formed by the Winning Bidder, ifrequired.