To General Sample Clauses

To General. Each of Syneron Medical Ltd., Syneron and Candela represents and warrants to General that it has not heretofore assigned, transferred or purported to assign or transfer, and that it shall not hereafter assign or transfer or purport to assign or transfer, to any person or entity any matter that it has released in Section ‎3(a)(ii), in whole or in part, and it agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Released General Entities from and against all Claims based on, resulting from, in connection with, or arising out of, any such assignment or transfer or purported or claimed assignment or transfer of any such matter that it has released in Section ‎3(a)(ii), in whole or in part.

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  • 1General The Developer and Transmission Owner shall each submit to the other Party, on a monthly basis, invoices of amounts due for the preceding month. Each invoice shall state the month to which the invoice applies and fully describe the services and equipment provided. The Developer and Transmission Owner may discharge mutual debts and payment obligations due and owing to each other on the same date through netting, in which case all amounts one Party owes to the other Party under this Agreement, including interest payments or credits, shall be netted so that only the net amount remaining due shall be paid by the owing Party.

  • General Xxxxxxx 9B.01 When a general xxxxxxx is appointed by the employer and/or as required by the collective agreement, they will be paid a minimum premium of fifteen percent (15%) of base rate and holiday and vacation allowance.

  • Allocation and use of scarce resources Any procedures for the allocation and use of scarce resources, including frequencies, numbers and rights of way, will be carried out in an objective, timely, transparent and non-discriminatory manner. The current state of allocated frequency bands will be made publicly available, but detailed identification of frequencies allocated for specific government uses is not required.

  • Communications and Operations Management a. Network Penetration Testing - Transfer Agent shall, on approximately an annual basis, contract with an independent third party to conduct a network penetration test on its network having access to or holding or containing Fund Data. Transfer Agent shall have a process to review and evaluate high risk findings resulting from this testing.

  • Internet Services Transfer Agent shall make available to Fund and Shareholders, through its web sites, including but not limited to (collectively, “Web Site”), online access to certain Account and Shareholder information and certain transaction capabilities (“Internet Services”), subject to Transfer Agent’s security procedures and the terms and conditions set forth herein and on the Web Site. Transfer Agent provides Internet Services “as is,” on an “as available” basis, and hereby specifically disclaims any and all representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding such Internet Services, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and implied warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance. Transfer Agent shall at all times use reasonable care in performing Internet Services under this Agreement.


  • Industrial Relations The Contractor shall prepare and provide to Owner within ninety (90) Days following Notice to Proceed, its policies and plans for managing industrial relations at the Stage 2 Site, for review by Owner. Such policies and plans shall cover working hours, right to work policies, working patterns, shifts, disputes procedure, welfare facilities (catering, sanitary, wet weather gear, protective clothing etc.), training, wet weather working, holidays and any other relevant matters. The Contractor shall report all disputes or potential disputes involving Contractor or Subcontractor employees to Owner Representative as soon as practicable after they occur. The Contractor will be expected to take a pro-active role in managing industrial relations among such employees at the Site.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen The undersigned refers to the Credit Agreement and hereby gives you irrevocable notice, pursuant to Section [2.2] [2.5] [2.7(a)] of the Credit Agreement, of the borrowing of a [Term Loan][Revolving Loan][Swingline Loan].

  • Medical Attention 22.1 A seafarer shall be entitled to immediate medical attention when required and to dental treatment of acute pain and emergencies.

  • GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND LIMITATIONS Competitive Supplier is hereby granted the exclusive right to provide All-Requirements Power Supply to Participating Consumers pursuant to the terms of the Program and this ESA. For the avoidance of doubt, Competitive Supplier shall be authorized to supply All-Requirements Power Supply only to Participating Consumers, and the Local Distributor will continue to have the right and obligation to supply electricity to Eligible Consumers who opt-out of the Program and remain on, or return to, Basic Service, until changes in law, regulation or policy may allow otherwise. Competitive Supplier further recognizes that this ESA does not guarantee that any individual Eligible Consumer will be served by the Competitive Supplier. In accordance with Article 3 below, all Eligible Consumers shall be automatically enrolled in the Program unless they choose to opt-out. In the event the geographic boundaries of the Town change during the term of this ESA, Competitive Supplier shall only be obligated to supply All- Requirements Service to those Participating Consumers located within the Town as such boundaries existed on the Effective Date of this ESA. As between the Parties, the Competitive Supplier has the sole obligation of making appropriate arrangements with the Local Distributor, and any arrangements which may be necessary with the ISO-NE so that Participating Consumers receive the electricity supplies to be delivered pursuant to this ESA. The Town shall specifically authorize the Local Distributor to provide, and Competitive Supplier the right to obtain and utilize as required, all billing and energy consumption information for Participating Consumers as is reasonably available from the Local Distributor. Competitive Supplier shall request consumption data for individual Participating Consumers from the Local Distributor via EDI. If further action is required by the Local Distributor to authorize Competitive Supplier to receive such consumption and billing data, the Town agrees to use Commercially Reasonable efforts, at Competitive Supplier’s cost, to assist Competitive Supplier, if so requested by it, in obtaining such information for Participating Consumers, including, without limitation, assisting Competitive Supplier in obtaining permission from such Eligible Consumers and/or the Department, where necessary as a prerequisite to the provision of such information. Competitive Supplier shall not be responsible for any errors that Competitive Supplier makes in the provision of All-Requirements Power Supply to the extent such errors are caused by errors or omissions in the information provided to it by the Local Distributor.