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General Location. This term shall mean a contiguous and unbroken tract of land surrounded by public roads, railroads, rivers or other natural barriers.
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General Location. Located N of 49th N, East of Xxxxx Road, and South of Xxxxx Hwy; Bonneville County, Idaho. 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Xxxx: Bonneville County Extension Educators Joint Advisory Committee Meeting -- Zoom November 11, 2021 Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CLOSED- VETERANS DAY November 12, 2021 Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM In Session- Administrative Business 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Xxxxxx: Public Defense Discussion Cont. 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Executive Session IC 74-206 (as needed) (ACTION ITEM) -- To Be Announced November 15, 2021 Monday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM In Session- Administrative Business
General Location. 1.3 Specific Location 1.4 1 1.5 King Shaka International airport land side 1.6 Waste Water Treatment plant site at southern area of the airport. 1.7 2 1.8 King Shaka land side 1.9 The western side of the airport near the 3M main water reservoir The mission of Airports Company South Africa SOC Ltd (ACSA) is to develop and manage world-class airports for the benefit of all stakeholders. The Company's strategy is built on collaborative and coherent engagements with its stakeholders. The Company focuses on strengthening its internal business processes and making the most of its bespoke information technology. ACSA directs its efforts towards improving its employees' skills and understanding as part of its effort to build human capital. About King Shaka International Airport: King Shaka International Airport (IATA: DUR, ICAO: FALE), abbreviated KSIA, is the primary international airport serving Durban, South Africa. Located in La Mercy, KwaZulu-Natal, approximately 35 km (22 minutes) north of the city centre of Durban. .
General Location. This contract is approximately 14 miles southwest of Philomath, Oregon along Forest Service Roads 3405 and 3409 and is in the Corvallis watershed. Routes of Access Contract is appraised to Philomath, Oregon via Highways 34, and National Forest System roads 3405, 3409 and their tributaries. Relation to Other Contracts NFS Road 3405 would be a shared haul road with Bridge Thin, currently under contract. The City of Corvallis has plans for a nearby timber sale to be awarded in fall of 2012. Marking Subdivision boundaries are flagged with yellow ribbon and tagged with blue boundary tags. Boundary trees are marked with orange tracer paint. All subdivisions are designation by prescription. Subdivisions 4, 7, 20, and 21 include ½ acre gaps. These gaps will be created by falling all trees within 83 feet from the designated leave tree. Gap centers are identified by a leave tree with an orange tracer paint band at DBH and a mark on the xxxxx, and a white reserve tree tag at eye level. Logging This contract is appraised for 63% skyline yarding and 37% ground-based yarding. Ground-based yarding will not be allowed on slopes greater than 30%. Elevated tailholds and intermediate supports may be needed to meet yarding objectives. Some downhill yarding is required. Directional felling is required. Full suspension is required when yarding across streamcourses. Roads and Other Developments Approximately 1.46 miles of temporary roads and 46 landings are planned. Approximately 190 cubic yards of rock will be needed for temporary roads at the approach to all season system roads. Landings will need 0 cubic yards of rock. Road Maintenance Contractor will be responsible for prehaul, routine, seasonal, and post haul maintenance on system roads. Approximately 1,710 cubic yards of spot rock will be needed on system roads. Specified Road Reconstruction There is specified reconstruction for roads 3405 and 3409 with a total 9.6 miles. The road completion date is 9/1/2013. Erosion Control Contractor will be required to block temporary roads, install waterbars on landings, skid trails, and temporary roads, and seed landings, skid trails and temporary roads. A coop deposit of $.04/ton will be required for the cost of the seed that will be provided by the Forest Service. Slash Disposal Contractor will be required to scatter or machine pile and cover landing slash at all landings. Forest Service will burn piles.
General Location. This term shall mean a contiguous and unbroken tract of land owned, occupied, or operated by the insured(s) as one property site. A General Location shall not be construed to be equal to a municipality, county, state or any other administrative or similar district, public or private.
General Location ii. Type: Check all applicable ☐ RESIDENTIAL ☐ COMMERCIAL ☐ VACANT LAND ☐ FARM AND RANCH ☐ OTHER B. ☐ LIMITED COMMITMENT (SPECIFIC IDENTIFIED PROPERTIES). Buyer grants to the undersigned Brokerage the right to assist Xxxxx exclusively, but only with respect to the Purchase of the Property described below. Describe property fully and completely below. Buyer will not work with any other real estate broker or without Broker to view, negotiate, or Purchase any of the Properties described in this Paragraph, but Buyer may work with any other real estate Broker or without Broker to locate, view, negotiate, or Purchase any property not described in this Paragraph.

Related to General Location

  • Work Location While employed by the Company hereunder, the Executive shall perform his duties (when not traveling or engaged elsewhere in the performance of his duties) at the offices of the Company in Bermuda. The Executive shall travel to such places on the business of the Company in such manner and on such occasions as the Company may from time to time reasonably require.

  • Principal Location Such Grantor’s mailing address and the location of its place of business (if it has only one) or its chief executive office (if it has more than one place of business), are disclosed in Exhibit A; such Grantor has no other places of business except those set forth in Exhibit A.

  • Collateral Locations All of such Grantor’s locations where Collateral is located are listed on Exhibit A. All of said locations are owned by such Grantor except for locations (i) which are leased by the Grantor as lessee and designated in Part VII(b) of Exhibit A and (ii) at which Inventory is held in a public warehouse or is otherwise held by a bailee or on consignment as designated in Part VII(c) of Exhibit A.

  • Office Location During the Term, the Executive's services hereunder shall be performed at the offices of the Company, which shall be within a twenty five (25) mile radius of New York, NY, subject to necessary travel requirements to the Company’s offices in Toronto, Canada and other MDC Group company locations in order to carry out his duties in connection with his position hereunder.

  • Business Locations Set forth on Schedule 6.20(a) is a list of all Real Properties located in the United States that are owned or leased by the Loan Parties as of the Closing Date. Set forth on Schedule 6.20(b) is a list of all locations where any tangible personal property of a Loan Party is located as of the Closing Date. Set forth on Schedule 6.20(c) is the chief executive office, jurisdiction of incorporation or formation and principal place of business of each Loan Party as of the Closing Date.

  • Property Locations (a) Provide to Administrative Agent at least ten (10) days’ prior written notice before adding any new offices or business or Collateral locations, including warehouses (unless such new offices or business or Collateral locations qualify as Excluded Locations).

  • Other Locations Except in the event of an emergency or of a planned System shutdown, the Fund’s access to services performed by the System or to Data Access Services at the Designated Locations may be transferred to a different location only upon the prior written consent of State Street. In the event of an emergency or System shutdown, the Fund may use any back-up site included in the Designated Configuration or any other back-up site agreed to by State Street, which agreement will not be unreasonably withheld. The Fund may secure from State Street the right to access the System or the Data Access Services through computer and telecommunications facilities or devices complying with the Designated Configuration at additional locations only upon the prior written consent of State Street and on terms to be mutually agreed upon by the parties.

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