Gaming Sample Clauses

Gaming. At School Online gaming is not allowed during school hours unless you have been given permission by a teacher. All games must be in support of education. At Home Online gaming is allowed at home if all of the following conditions are met:  The content of the game is school appropriate.  You have permission from your parent/guardian.  The game is in support of education.  All school work is complete.  No download of any kind is needed. You are not allowed to load personal software onto your district owned device. Printing Printing at School Printing from your assigned Chromebook while at school is available, but is limited to central locations, such as the Library or Computer Lab. Always keep printing to a minimum and turn in work electrically whenever possible. Printing at Home It is possible to print from a home computer using Google Cloud Print. For more information on this feature, use Google to search for Google Cloud Print. Xxxxxxxx School District Five will not provide technical support for personal/home equipment or use of district issued equipment at home. Google Apps and Third Party Extensions Considerations School officials reserve the right to remove any app and/or extension that could interfere with the correct operation of the device and/or other software packages required for Instruction. Desktop Backgrounds and Screensavers Considerations Any images set as the desktop background must be in line with the Electronic Resource Policy and Responsible Use guidelines.  Inappropriate media may not be used as a desktop background. Presence of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, or gang-related symbols will result in disciplinary action and/or loss of Chromebook privileges. Copyright and Plagiarism Considerations Students are expected to follow all copyright laws. Duplication and/or distribution of materials for educational purposes is permitted when such duplication and/or distribution would fall within the Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Copyright Law (Title 17, USC) Technology Discipline Behaviors and Discipline Related to Student Computer Use Tech-related Behavior Violations Equivalent “traditional” Classroom Violations Email, instant messaging, Internet surfing, computer games (off-task behavior) Passing notes, looking at magazines, games (off- task behavior) Missing bag/case No binder/missing supplies
Gaming. No gaming is allowed in the School, except in accordance with the Gaming Act 1968, Section 41 when Gaming is carried out as an entertainment for raising money to be applied for purposes other than private gain.
Gaming. (a) Except as set forth on Section 3.20(a) of the Company Disclosure Letter, no Target Company has (i) made any application for a license, certificate, registration or finding of suitability from any Gaming Regulatory Authority that has not been issued, granted or given (for whatever reason) or (ii) withdrawn any such application (for whatever reason).
Gaming. 5.1 No slot machine, gambling device or other "gaming" of any type as defined by Nevada law or requiring a gaming license issued by the State of Nevada shall be permitted in or on the Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord, which consent is strictly within Landlord's discretion.
Gaming. “Gaming” shall mean any and all activities defined as Class III Gaming under IGRA.
Gaming. (a) Each member of the Group complies:
Gaming. (a) For so long as any Shareholder, holder of Upstream Securities in a Shareholder, or any of their respective Affiliates, is required to provide information to any Gaming Regulator in relation to their interest in the Company (including any information about another Shareholder or any holder of Upstream Securities in that Shareholder), the Company will and will procure that each Company Subsidiary will, to the extent permitted by law, cooperate in good faith to obtain and endeavour to provide that information where requested in writing by that person.
Gaming. No gaming is allowed except in accordance with the conditions of the Gaming Act 1968, Section 41 when gaming is carried on at an entertainment promoted for raising money to be applied for purposes other than private gain. Sub-letting The Hirer shall not sub-let the premises to another person.
Gaming. The Licensor does not represent any particular use or function or game/gaming can be conducted.
Gaming. Landlord acknowledges that Tenant and its Affiliates (defined below) shall apply for gaming licenses and that such licenses are of vital importance to Tenant's business. In this regard, Landlord agrees to comply with all reasonable requests made by Tenant for information concerning Landlord's background, which may include, without limitation, completion by Landlord of Tenant's standard form of Corporate Background Questionnaire and/or Personal Background Questionnaire, as appropriate. Tenant may immediately terminate this Agreement in the event that (a) Landlord fails to comply with information requests as set forth in the foregoing sentence; or (b) Tenant determines, in its sole discretion, that continued association with Landlord would jeopardize any gaming license held or pursued by Tenant or any of its Affiliates.