Gaming Operations Sample Clauses

Gaming Operations. The loss of or failure to obtain any operating licenses or other material licenses or permits or the occurrence of any event or circumstance which in any such case results in the failure to have any material portion of either the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa or, from and after the Acquisition Closing Date, the Riviera Black Hawk Casino, open to conduct gaming activities for any reason for more than fifteen (15) consecutive days (or more than sixty (60) days if during such period the Borrowers are entitled to the proceeds of business interruption insurance sufficient in amount to cover at least 80% of the anticipated loss associated with such failure to have such material portion open to conduct gaming activities) or which results in the prohibition by any Gaming Board of the conduct gaming activities at either the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa or, from and after the Acquisition Closing Date, the Riviera Black Hawk Casino, for a period in excess of two (2) consecutive days; or
Gaming Operations. Manager will have the exclusive authority to, and the Manager will, conduct and direct all business and affairs in connection with the Gaming Operations, including, without limitation, (i) using reasonable measures to keep the Casino Premises clean and in good working order, subject to ordinary wear and tear; (ii) providing for appropriate security and surveillance for the Gaming Operations, including the hiring and supervision of security personnel, subject to regulatory oversight and access of the NGCB and all other Legal Requirements; (iii) placing advertising for the Gaming Operations; (iv) conducting the Gaming Operations subject to the system of internal controls (the “Internal Control System”) in place as of the Effective Date (which Internal Control System shall be subject to the necessary review and approval of the NGCB) and any changes instituted to the Internal Control System thereafter; provided, however, in no event will the Manager be responsible for providing operating capital for the Gaming Operations; and (v) performing any such other services or tasks required under any Legal Requirements applicable to the Gaming Operations. Solely for gaming licensing and compliance purposes, in performing its obligations under this Section 2.2.21, Manager shall act as a key employee to Gaming Owner.
Gaming Operations. Pursuant to the Order of Registration entered on January 14, 2008 (the “Order of Registration”), subject to the terms and conditions stated therein, the Nevada Gaming Commission has registered the Company as a publicly traded corporation under the Gaming Regulations and has granted other approvals with respect to the Company, its Subsidiaries and other Affiliates. In furtherance of its obligations under the Order of Registration and the Gaming Regulations, the Company has established a Gaming Compliance Program (the “Gaming Compliance Program”) to provide for information gathering, reporting and other monitoring procedures for compliance with the Gaming Regulations. The Members hereby approve the Gaming Compliance Program and authorize and direct the Company to comply with the Gaming Compliance Program, the Order of Registration and the other applicable requirements under the Gaming Regulations.
Gaming Operations. Buyer and Enterprises shall have entered into a mutually acceptable agreement relating to the continued conduct of gaming operations at the Mill City and Rye Patch, Nevada facilities (the "Gaming Agreement"), and the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board shall have approved the Gaming Agreement, if required;
Gaming Operations. The parties agree that OPERATOR shall place and operate Gaming Devices in each Store set forth in Exhibits A and B. The number of Gaming Devices installed at each location shall be in the sole discretion of OPERATOR. Subject to section 2.2 following, Cardivan shall be entitled to place and operate such number of Gaming Devices in new or replacement Stores opened or acquired by LICENSOR within the State of Nevada during the term of the this Agreement, as may be mutually agreed by the parties. OPERATOR shall also be allowed to install Incidental Equipment within the Licensed Premises of each Store for use in connection with its gaming operations. LICENSOR acknowledges and agrees that OPERATOR’s business activities will include activities relating to the placement and installation of its equipment, periodic loading and servicing of its equipment, counting, wrapping, and removal of cash, making change for its gaming customers, security monitoring of its gaming operations and equipment, and staffing to provide all of the foregoing services. LICENSOR acknowledges and agrees that OPERATOR (i) may provide, subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages to its gaming customers from time-to-time as part of its operations within the Stores, and (ii) may, subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, conduct promotional activities related to its gaming business at any of the Stores. OPERATOR agrees that its Gaming Devices will possess features, performance levels, and quality standards equivalent to prevailing industry standards and that it will maintain it’s Gaming Devices as necessary to maintain such standards.
Gaming Operations. The term "Gaming Operations" shall mean all activities ------------------ pertaining to the development and construction of the Casino and the Casino ------ thereon, all Casino Gaming Activities conducted in the Casino and all activities ---- conducted at the Facility; related to any of the foregoing.
Gaming Operations. “Gaming Operations” shall mean any and all Gaming operated by Manager in accordance with the terms of this Agreement within the Businesses.
Gaming Operations. The Manager shall be responsible for the Gaming Operations.