Funding Request Sample Clauses

Funding Request. MONITORING INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS Please confirm that a three month monitoring report against key deliverables, as agreed in the Grant Agreement, has been attached to this form. ☐ Please complete the below table in order to provide a breakdown of expenditure, and attach the detailed supporting financial information to this payment request form. The Commissioner may request the recipient to clarify any information provided. Breakdown of expenditure (items) £ Direct Staff costs (including oncosts) Travel Supplies and Services Management Overhead Other (provide detail) Total: CONFIRMATION BY GRANT RECIPIENT I confirm that on the basis of the information provided in this report, progress and costs are accurate and in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement: Signature: Name (printed): Date: Position: Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire sign off: Signature: Name (printed): Date: Position: OPCC codes: Account Code Cost Centre Project code Project Reference Supplier code 4891 X012 J001 SG15017 ANNEX A(ii): PAYMENT REQUEST AND END OF YEAR FINANCIAL MONITORING REPORT 2015/16 Grant Recipient: EAST MIDLANDS CHAMBER Grant Stream: COMMISSIONER’S GRANT Period From: 1st November 2015 To: 30th April 2016 (£)
Funding Request. Each of the Administrative Agent and the Agent Certificate Holder shall have received a fully executed counterpart of the applicable Funding Request in accordance with Section 3.4. Each of the delivery of the Funding Request and the acceptance of the proceeds of such Advance shall constitute a representation and warranty by the Lessee that on the Funding Date (both immediately before and after giving effect to the making of such Advance and the application of the proceeds thereof), the statements made in Section 8.3 are true and correct in all material respects as though made on and as of such date, except to the extent such statements relate solely to an earlier date, in which case such statements shall have been true and correct in all material respects on and as of such earlier date.
Funding Request. The Lessor shall have received no later than five (5) Business Days prior to the Acquisition Date a fully executed counterpart of the applicable Funding Request, executed by the Lessee.
Funding Request. The Lessor and the Agent shall have received --------------- from the Construction Agent or the Lessee the Funding Request therefor pursuant to Section 2.2(d). --------------
Funding Request. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, if the Claimholder requires funds to pay for the Fees and Expenses related to the Subject Claim, the Claimholder Representative (defined below) shall submit a request by delivery of a written notice that includes: (i) a description of the Fees and Expenses that require immediate funding; (ii) the amount of the proposed Claims Payment; (iii) the number and location of the account to which the funds are to be disbursed; (iv) the payment date; (v) an estimate of Fees and Expenses projected for the next three (3) months; and (vi) a clear statement describing whether the Investment Funds requested constitute (A) Arbitration Support Funds, (B) Phase I Investment Amount funds (C) Phase II Investment Amount funds, (D) Phase III Investment Amount funds or (E) Phase IV Investment Amount funds (a “Funding Request”). The Funding Request must be received by the Funder at least fifteen (15) Business Days prior to the requested payment date. On the payment date specified in the Funding Request, the Funder shall wire transfer to such account an amount in immediately available funds equal to the amount of the Funding Request. The Parties will endeavor to ensure that Funding Requests are consistent with the associated Costs Plan submitted to the Funder by the Claimholder for the Subject Claim in accordance with Section 11.1 below, which shall be updated from time to time as the circumstances warrant.
Funding Request. The Administrative Agent has received a Funding Request as required under Section 2.2 at least ten (10) Business Days (or two (2) Business Days in the case of the initial Advance) before such Advance, unless such period or Funding Request is waived in writing by the Administrative Agent and each Lender providing such Advance.
Funding Request. The Lessor shall have received a fully executed counterpart of the applicable Funding Request in accordance with Section 3.4.