FOURTH PARAGRAPH. The percentage shall cover internal services as well as services bought externally. The expenses covered by the percentage shall not be subject to any audit. Services of an extraordinary nature which are beneficial to one or several joint ventures on the Norwegian Continental Shelf shall be chargeable directly to the relevant joint ventures in addition to the percentage. If the expenses for services of an extraordinary nature are known at the time when the Operator submits the budget proposal for the coming year, these expenses are to be included in the budget proposal. In all cases, the management committee shall be informed of any such expense in the monthly report. Extraordinary nature means work performed by the Group Staffs of a particularly large or unusual scope and not comprising work which forms part of the ordinary operation of one or several joint ventures (major investigations, reports and crisis management related to accidents and the like, the establishment of new group systems and other extraordinary activities). Expenses related to services of an extraordinary nature shall be documented by way of work description and may be subject to an audit. Expenses covered by this Article 2.2.3 shall not be charged to the joint ventures in any other way.
FOURTH PARAGRAPH. To support the obligation of paying the rent THE LESSEE shall granted in favor of THE LESSOR the guarantees it may demand. FIFTH PARAGRAPH THE LESSEE resigns the formalities of receiving a requirement expressly to fall in a late payment in the event of delay or non compliance of the obligations agreed upon in this contract and accepts from now on as full proof of any nonfulfillment the communication addressed to this party by THE LESSOR or to the application filed vis a vis the competent authority to obtain its rights.
FOURTH PARAGRAPH. The payment shall be deposited into a bank account kept at a banking institution defined by CHESF, which may also select to issue bills of acceptance which shall be retired by means of bank payments.
FOURTH PARAGRAPH. The Company and KCA agree that the fourth paragraph of the Distribution Agreement, which begins with the words “The Company, VNG, TEC, VNR Holdings” (the “Fourth Paragraph”) is hereby amended by:
FOURTH PARAGRAPH. Each party shall be liable for those taxes, fees or contributions that apply to it pursuant to current applicable tax regulations and established or to be established in relation to the services rendered, as well as compliance with all tax regulations applicable in relation to their activity, making all applicable withholdings to the legally established fare on payments or credits made in compliance with this agreement. However, in the event of new taxes, fees or contributions that affect the agreement’s financial balance, the Parties undertake to negotiate in good faith, during a period not to exceed thirty (30) working days as of when party notifies the other party of a new tax, fee or contribution. If an agreement between the Parties is not reached during said period of time, they will escalate the matter to those who may determine its approval; if they do not reach an agreement and as a last resources, the subject matter of the obligations derived from this agreement may be suspended by TERPEL; and THE AIRLINES are ta liberty of purchasing the fuel supply from other suppliers of their choice or criteria until an agreement is reached, without constituting a breach of THE AIRLINES’ obligations.
FOURTH PARAGRAPH. The Company and KCA agree that the fourth paragraph of the Distribution Agreement, which begins with the words “The Company, VNG, TEC, VNR Holdings” (the “Fourth Paragraph”) is hereby amended by: (i) Deleting the Fourth Paragraph in its entirety and replacing it with the following: The Company, VNG, VNR Holdings, Permian, VNR Finance, Encore Operating and Clear Fork are sometimes referred to herein collectively as the “Vanguard Parties.” As used herein, “Operative Agreements” means collectively, the Company LLC Agreement (as defined in Section 4(f) hereof), the VNG LLC Agreement (as defined in Section 4(h) hereof), the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws of VNR Finance (the “VNR Finance Organizational Documents”), and each Operating Subsidiary LLC Agreement (as defined in Section 4(j) hereof), as they may be amended or restated at or prior to the Closing Date (as defined below). (c)
FOURTH PARAGRAPH. The CONTRACTED PARTY shall not be obliged to make any financial reimbursement that may be requested by the CONTRACTING PARTY, since the parties are aware that the amounts paid refer to the services performed by the CONTRACTED PARTY to keep the operating system stable and updated since the act of online hiring described in Paragraph One of Clause 2.
FOURTH PARAGRAPH. The plantation schedule may be adjusted due to significant unfavorable agronomic conditions, such as severe droughts or other technical contingencies inherent to the planting activity, through agreement between the parties