Disclosed Information definition

Disclosed Information means the information disclosed by a Party for the purpose of settlement, negotiation, Mediation or Arbitration;
Disclosed Information has the meaning set forth in Section 8.10.
Disclosed Information means all information communicated to or obtained by the Receiving Party or its Representatives, directly or indirectly from the Disclosing Party (either through itself or its Affiliates and its and their representatives) in connection with the Permitted Purpose whether in written, electronic or any other form or medium in which such information may be kept, or in the course of any oral or written communications, including geological and geophysical data, maps, models, interpretations and forecasts, technical designs, marketing arrangements, development plans and other technical, contractual and Commercial Information.

Examples of Disclosed Information in a sentence

  • All Disclosed Information shall be treated as confidential and neither its delivery nor disclosure shall represent any waiver of privilege by a Party disclosing such Disclosed Information.

  • Contractor must ensure that each Subcontractor performing Services where the Subcontractor will have Access to and/or receive Disclosed Information is contractually bound by a written agreement that includes confidentiality and data security obligations equivalent to, consistent with, and no less protective than, those found in this DPA.

  • Such Disclosed Information cannot be used in any subsequent proceedings without the consent of the Party who has made the disclosure.

  • Within five business days of the notification that such Inadvertently Disclosed Information has been returned or destroyed, the disclosing party shall produce a privilege log with respect to the Inadvertently Disclosed Information.

  • Yet they would only describe a timeline leading to the introduction of this concept.

More Definitions of Disclosed Information

Disclosed Information means any information disclosed by the Parties in respect of the implementation and operation of this Agreement;
Disclosed Information means the related materials explanation statement and other information disclosed and made by the Transferors to the Transferee and its retained intermediaries in accordance with the Framework Agreement and in the course of the due diligence investigation of the Object Company, the Hydropower Project and the Object Equity Interest, attached hereto as Appendix 2.
Disclosed Information means all information and data provided by or on behalf of BritNed to Participants and Applicants in connection with the Rules including the Application Pack and the BritNed Participant Guide;
Disclosed Information means any matter which is Disclosed in:
Disclosed Information has the meaning given in Clause 15.2;
Disclosed Information means all written information disclosed to the Offeror (or its agents or Representatives) by Caza in respect of the business, operations and affairs of Caza at or prior to the date of this Agreement, including the Caza Public Record and the Disclosure Letter;
Disclosed Information means all information and data provided by or on behalf of ElecLink toOpen Season Users and Applicants in connection with the Rules including the Application Pack and the Open Season User Guide;