Initial Fee Sample Clauses

Initial Fee. SPV shall be entitled to an initial fee of £17,500 (together with VAT thereon) in consideration of the services provided by it under this Agreement, to be borne by Funding, payment of which shall be made on the Initial Closing Date.
Initial Fee. In consideration of the rights and licenses granted to Licensee under this Agreement, Licensee shall pay Licensor an initial fee of $500,000 within [***] after the Effective Date.
Initial Fee. In consideration of the rights and licenses granted to LICENSEE under this AGREEMENT on EFFECTIVE DATE, ORTHO shall pay KOSAN an initial fee of one million dollars ($1,000,000) to reimburse KOSAN for past research and development. Such fee shall not be refundable nor creditable against other amounts due KOSAN under this AGREEMENT.
Initial Fee. The initial Service Period shall commence upon the effective date of this Facilitation Agreement or the date the first deposit is received into the account, whichever is later. The annual fee percentage for the initial Service Period will be prorated (hereafter “Initial Fee Percentage”) for the number of calendar days from the day the Service Period commences until the last day of the calendar quarter. If quarterly billing is selected, the market value of the Plan on the last Business Day of the quarter will be multiplied by the Initial Fee Percentage and billed on or about the 5th of the month after the end of the quarter, and no later than the 15th day after the end of the quarter. If the fee is assessed using the deduction method, the initial fee will be calculated and deducted within the last five Business Days of the quarter. The fee will be calculated using the Initial Fee Percentage multiplied by the market value of the account as of the Business Day prior to the deduction. If this Facilitation Agreement is terminated, as described in the Termination, Resignation or Replacement section of this Agreement, Nationwide and IRON shall be entitled to a final quarterly fee. If the ending date of the Service Period is not on the last business day of the quarter, the annual fee percentage for the final fee (hereafter “Final Fee Percentage”) will be prorated for the number of days in the quarter for which services were provided. The timing of the deduction or billing of the final fee will vary depending on the termination scenario as outlined below: If the invoiced amount for a final fee is past due more than ten days, the fee may be recalculated and a new amount invoiced to include the full number of days in the final Service Period. Sponsor acknowledges the fiduciary responsibility to disclose the deduction of fees to participants thirty (30) days prior to the deduction and understands the deduction of final fee amounts owed will not be delayed for the Sponsor’s failure to disclose the fee to participants timely. IRON acknowledges that it may only be compensated for services to the Plan under the terms of this Facilitation Agreement, and that IRON and/or its associated persons will not also be compensated for such non-advisory services under Nationwide’s General Agent Compensation Agreement, Companion Agreement, or other similar selling agreement. IRON acknowledges that it is solely responsible for ensuring no such compensation for non-advisory services is ...
Initial Fee. The Borrower agrees to pay to Citibank for its own account such initial fee (nonrefundable under any circumstances) as may be separately agreed between the Borrower and Citibank, payable on or before the Effective Date.
Initial Fee. In consideration of the already agreed future royalty payments by BeiGene to Company under Section 3.2 hereunder, Company shall pay, or cause to be paid, to BeiGene a one-time, non-refundable fee of $[...***...] USD, within [...***...] following the Effective Date and receipt by Company of corresponding invoice.
Initial Fee. Enzon shall pay to Santaris the following fees within ten (10) Business Days after the Effective Date:
Initial Fee. Pieris shall pay to Enumeral an initial fee of $250,000, which shall be due upon execution of this Agreement and paid within fifteen (15) days of the Effective Date.