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Tax Document means: (a) any return required to be made to any Taxation Authority of income, profits or gains or of any other amounts or information relevant for the purposes of Tax, including any related accounts, computations and attachments; (b) any claim, election, surrender, disclaimer, notice, consent or other relevant filing for the purposes of Tax; and (c) any other non-routine correspondence with any Taxation Authority; Tax Gross Up Claim means any claim under or for breach of clause 33.2, 33.3, 33.4 or 33.5;

Examples of Tax Document in a sentence

A Tax Document provides important information you need to complete your tax returns.

You can withdraw your consent before the Tax Document is furnished by mailing a letter including your name, mailing address, effective tax year, and indicating your intent to withdraw consent to the electronic delivery of Tax Documents to: Masterworks Administrative Services, LLC Attn: General Counsel 497 Broome Street New York, NY 10013 (203) 518-5172 If you withdraw consent to receive Tax Documents electronically, a paper copy will be provided.

Your consent to receive the Tax Documents electronically continues for every tax year until you withdraw your consent.(c) How We Will Notify You That a Tax Document is Available.

On or before the required IRS-designated due date for your Tax Document, you will receive an electronic notification via email when your Tax Documents are ready for access on the Site.

On the Closing Date, VRA shall cause the Trustee to deposit the Purchase Price into the Local Account and to apply the Purchase Price and the earnings thereon as set forth in the Related Supplemental Series Indenture, this Agreement and the Local Tax Document.

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Tax Document means a return, report or any other document relat-
Tax Document has the meaning given in paragraph 5.1; and “Tax Liability” has the meaning given in paragraph 1.3. 89
Tax Document means any return, report or other document relating
Tax Document means Tax Returns and such claims, elections, surrenders, disclaimers, notices and consents and other documents contemplated by or reflected in or necessary for the preparation of such Tax Returns;
Tax Document means any return, report or other document relating to a tax.