Easy Sample Clauses

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Easy. Some resources and experience are needed
Easy. Safety Valve (STV-10)
Easy. Lines 83–84 in Navigator.py are as follows.if step.op == OP_REMOVE and selected: selections.remove(option_i)We removed and selected from line 84. The consequence is that an attempt to deselect an option using OP_REMOVE will crash if the option is not already selected. A ballot definition could use this bug to selectively crash the machine in a particular situation (e. g., to disen- franchise those who vote for a particular party). The ballot definition could still pass a walkthrough test and avoid crashing under normal circumstances by using a condition to prevent OP_REMOVE from being executed when the option is not selected.
Easy. Constructions 246
Easy claims initiated by consumers – claims that the consumers can easily identify, raise and present on their own; and
Easy. Files\\PARTICIPANT 52 references coded, 1.29% coverageReference 1: 0.30% coverageand eventually, if somebody switches into English, then we all go into English, if everybody stays in Dutch, then we stay in Dutch as well. Reference 2: 0.99% coverageBut if it gets really emotional, my partner you know, my mother died a few years ago, about three years ago, and...um...we went to the United States and you know, we were dealing with difficult things, and I was dealing with them in English, and we would only speak Dutch when my partner wanted to asked me about the family politics that were going on, you know. But if something emotional happens, then we switch into English or he switches into Dutch. Files\\PARTICIPANT 62 references coded, 1.16% coverageReference 1: 0.51% coverageAnd then at home...same thing, my boyfriend’s Dutch, but he speaks English really well. And his family speaks English, so I speak English to them Reference 2: 0.65% coverageAnd just being - yeah, and I think I live, like, in a neighborhood that’s kind of like filled with expats, so. It’s not an issue for any, anyone here especially the locals, to speak English. Files\\PARTICIPANT 8
Easy. Smart. For Everyone. 1 Penn Plaza 36th Floor, New York, NY, 10119 hi@landa.app If there are multiple Tenants signed to this Lease, all such Tenants are jointly, severally and individually bound by, and liable under, the terms and conditions of this Lease. A judgment entered against one Tenant shall be no bar to an action against other Tenants.
Easy. Safety Valve Knob
Easy is it for you to get an appointment with a practice Nurse at the surgery? Very Fairly Not very