Portal definition

Portal has the meaning set forth in Section 3.6(b)(iii).
Portal means the Private Offerings, Resales and Trading through Automated Linkages system of the NASD.
Portal means the myBusiness web-portal at URL: http://mybusiness.singtel.com.

Examples of Portal in a sentence

The instructions given below are meant to assist the bidders in registering on the CPP Portal, prepare their bids in accordance with the requirements and submitting their bids online on the CPP Portal.

For this, the contractors can access through Supplier registration via MCGM Portal.

If there are any changes in the dates the same will be displayed on the MCGM Portal (http://portal.mcgm.gov.in).

Take down policyHeriot-Watt University has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the content in Heriot-Watt Research Portal complies with UK legislation.

Bidders are required to enroll on the e-Procurement module of the Central Public Procurement Portal (URL: https://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app) by clicking on the link “Online bidder Enrollment” on the CPP Portal which is free of charge.

More Definitions of Portal

Portal means Madhya Pradesh Government E-Procurement Portal (htps://mptenders.gov.in).
Portal means Sandvine’s support portal located at: https://support.sandvine.com. The location, availability and functionality of the Portal is subject to change from time to time at Sandvine’s sole discretion. The Portal may include: (a) access to Software Releases, Documentation, knowledge- base articles and order tracking information; (b) the ability to enter support tickets; (c) notifications and information updates from Sandvine; and (d) the ability to request training and access.
Portal has the meaning specified in Section 2.02.
Portal means the Private Offerings, Resales and Trading through Automated Linkages Market.
Portal means OpenDeal Portal LLC, a registered securities crowdfunding portal CRD#283874, or a qualified successor.
Portal means the customisable website on which the Transaction Service is delivered to You.
Portal means an internet entry point to access your bills and other information that we may supply.