Portal definition

Portal has the meaning set forth in Section 3.6(b)(iii).
Portal means the Private Offerings, Resales and Trading through Automated Linkages system of the NASD.
Portal means Madhya Pradesh Government E-Procurement Portal (mptenders.gov.in).

Examples of Portal in a sentence

  • It is Vendor’s sole responsibility to ensure that all identifying vendor information (name, EIN, d/b/a’s, etc.) and contact information is updated and current at all times within the TIPS eBid System and the TIPS Vendor Portal.

  • A reseller or dealer authorized and added by a Vendor through their online TIPS Vendor Portal to make TIPS sales according to the terms and conditions herein.

  • Vendor may create a payment report within their TIPS Vendor Portal which is the preferred documentation dictating to which TIPS Sale(s) the amount should be applied.

  • Once authorized by Vendor in the Vendor Portal, the Authorized Reseller(s) may make TIPS sales to TIPS Members.

  • For that reason, TIPS permits Vendor to authorize Authorized Resellers within its Vendor Portal and make TIPS Sales through the Authorized Reseller(s).

More Definitions of Portal

Portal means the myBusiness web-portal at URL: http://mybusiness.singtel.com.
Portal has the meaning specified in Section 2.02.
Portal means Sandvine’s support portal located at: https://support.sandvine.com. The location, availability and functionality of the Portal is subject to change from time to time at Sandvine’s sole discretion. The Portal may include: (a) access to Software Releases, Documentation, knowledge- base articles and order tracking information; (b) the ability to enter support tickets; (c) notifications and information updates from Sandvine; and (d) the ability to request training and access.
Portal means the electronic grants management system controlled by Alberta Innovates from which the Applicant may obtain copies of documents, information about the Project and Program, and some of the Templates, and into which the Applicant shall submit the completed applications, Templates, agreements and amendments required by this Investment Agreement at xxxxx://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xx;
Portal means the customisable website on which the Transaction Service is delivered to You.
Portal means the Private Offering, Resales and Trading through Automatic Linkages (PORTAL) Market, and any successor market thereto.
Portal means EasyPark’s web-based portal, which Customers using certain Additional Services may gain access to;