Dredging Sample Clauses

Dredging. (4) (a) dredge an access channel at least four hundred (400) feet wide and thirty‑six (36) feet deep below port datum and a turning basin and berth at least one thousand six hundred (1,600) feet wide and thirty‑six (36) feet deep to provide a new inner harbour at the port and use its best endeavours to complete such dredging within twenty‑four (24) months of the date that the State enters into a contract for the required dredging and reclamation;
Dredging. Contractor shall manage dredging of the Marine Loading Berths as further described in Attachment 31. Dredging will take place 24 hours a day. Contractor shall manage the dredging operations in accordance with USACE issued permit requirements and shall implement measures to minimize the impact of the dredging operations on the marine traffic in the ship channel and the Intracoastal Canal Waterway. It is assumed that a diesel dredge similar to those commonly employed by the United States and Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contractors or other appropriate dredge as required by Contractor will be used. This is a diesel-driven hydraulic dredge with basic noise attenuation such as a standard exhaust muffler and a partially enclosed engine room. Final disposition of dredged spoils, beneficial use of spoils, and development, offset, or reclamation of wetlands is the responsibility of Owner. Further, Owner will be responsible for provision of servitude or land acquisition for the dredge transport pipeline going to the BUDM locations and/or pump stations. USACE shall be responsible for dredging in the Calcasieu Ship Channel to maintain necessary navigational depths of the channel. Maintenance dredging is excluded from Contractor’s obligations under the Scoping Documents except for maintenance dredging on the operating marine basin of the facility west of the USACE channel to its design depth prior to handover of the marine facility. Execution Copy Phase 3
Dredging. 23.2.1 The Concessionaire shall procure that the dredging of the access channel (as described in Appendix 3 (Technical Specifications)) and the harbor (as described in Appendix 3 (Technical Specifications)) are adequately maintained during the Operation Period when and to the extent that this is required for the safe passage of vessels to the Port Facility and according to the design depth as stated in the Technical Specifications.
Dredging. SFFD shall be solely responsible for any dredging and dredging- related activities required in connection with its operations, including areas outside of the Premises necessary to provide access to the Premises (the "Dredging Work"), and for all costs associated with the Dredging Work, including hydrographic surveys, pre-dredge testing, sampling, chemical analyses, bioassays permitting, and all consultant and dredging contracting. SFFD shall also promptly provide at no cost to Port copies of all pre-dredge and post-dredge surveys, submittals to Regulatory Agencies, soundings, reports, data, and any other information obtained in connection with the Dredging Work. SFFD shall be responsible for testing, sampling, removing, and disposing of the sediment, debris, and other materials dredged from the Bay all in accordance with this MOU. Dredging Work shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the permit issued to SFFD by the DMMO.
Dredging. All dredging on public waterways will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Fraser River Pile and Dredge Ltd. Hydraulic Dredging Agreement May 1, 2004-April 30, 2007 as referred to in Clause 3: Extent. The minimum crew requirement on hydraulic or suction dredge up to and including twelve (12") inches shall be two (2) men in the following classifications: If additional employees are required, they may be helpers. Two (2) Equipment Operators Assistant Engineer * * One equipment operator may replaced with an assistant engineer with the approval of the Union The crews specified in this section are understood to be the minimum crew employed on a dredge. It is recognized that considerations of safety, reasonable work load and other factors may require that a larger crew be employed and such additional employees required shall be employees covered under this Agreement. The Employer recognizes the Union as having the jurisdiction over all routine maintenance and repairs i.e., electrical, mechanical rigging, welding, fitting, etc. and such persons who may be employed in any of these categories shall be members of the Union.
Dredging. To the extent reasonably determined by Tenant as necessary or desirable for berthing of its dry-dock or the operation of its ship lift or business, and subject to Tenant receiving all required regulatory approvals (including any required City approvals), dredging shall be a permitted use under this Lease. Subject to Section 24, and as between Tenant and City, Tenant shall be solely responsible for obtaining any required permits and all costs and expenses of such permits and of the dredging. Tenant shall indemnify, hold harmless, protect and defend City against any claim arising out of Tenant’s dredging on the Premises.
Dredging. The Pascagoula River alongside the demised premises has been dredged to a depth of not less than 38 feet at the bulkhead constructed by the LESSEE. COUNTY agrees to perform necessary maintenance dredging of the Pascagoula River alongside the demised premises to coincide with maintenance dredging of the turning basin by the United States Corps of Engineers, and of the public docks on the Pascagoula River by the Port Authority, and COUNTY agrees that such maintenance dredging shall be adequate so as to maintain said 38-foot depth of the river alongside the demises premises.
Dredging. (a) During the Term hereof and any Renewal Period, PRPA shall, at its sole cost and expense, and at such times as it reasonably determines necessary taking into account the soundings referred to in Section 6.7(c), and upon its obtaining all necessary permits and approvals (which PRPA will pursue in a commercially reasonable manner), conduct maintenance dredging alongside Berths #1 and #2 at the Terminal to a depth of thirty-six (36) feet from Mean Low Water Datum ("MLWD"), alongside Berths #3, #4 and #5 to a depth of forty (40) feet from MLWD, and alongside Berth #6 to a depth of thirty-eight (38) feet from MLWD. Upon the presentation by XXXX to PRPA of reasonable evidence illustrating a reasonable, current business need, PRPA shall, upon its obtaining all necessary permits and approvals (which PRPA will pursue in a commercially reasonable manner), dredge alongside Berths #1, #2 and #6, to the extent of such demonstrated need, to a depth of forty (40) feet from MLWD. PRPA shall conduct maintenance dredging to a depth of forty (40) feet from MLWD alongside any such Berth that PPC or PRPA previously caused to be dredged to such depth so long as a reasonable, current business need exists for such a depth to be maintained.