Access Channel definition

Access Channel means any Channel, or portion thereof, designated for Access purposes or otherwise made available to facilitate or transmit Access programming or services.
Access Channel means the channel to be dredged as hereinafter provided to provide access for shipping to the new inner harbour at the port of Bunbury;

Examples of Access Channel in a sentence

Grantee does not have any editorial Control over the Access Channel programming.

The rest of the dredged material shall be transported and dumped in the defined dumping area near the entrance of the Access Channel.

Grantee shall offer Leased Access Channel capacity on such terms and conditions and rates as may be negotiated with each lessee, subject to the requirements of Section 612 of the Cable Act.

In the event Grantee makes any change in the Cable System technology, which affects the signal quality or transmission of any Access Channel programming, Grantee shall take all necessary technical steps to ensure the delivery of Access programming is not diminished or adversely affected.

In order to meet the demonstrated community need for Access Channels and programming, Grantee shall continue to make one Governmental Access Channel and one Educational Access Channel available to the City for its for use throughout the Term of this Franchise.

More Definitions of Access Channel

Access Channel or “Access Channels” shall mean all Public Access Channels, Educational Access Channels, and Government Access Channels that Grantee is required to provide under this Franchise Agreement, at no charge to the Authority, and carried on the Cable System for the benefit of the TBNK Member Governments, residents thereof and Access Users.
Access Channel means an artificial channel constructed in tidal water and connected, or intended to be connected, to a canal.
Access Channel means any Channel or portion thereof, designated for Noncommercial Access purposes or otherwise made available to facilitate Access programming.
Access Channel means any channel or bandwidth on a cable system set aside for public, educational and/or governmental use.
Access Channel means any Channel designated for Access purposes or otherwise made available to facilitate or transmit PEG Access Programming.
Access Channel means any Channel set aside for public use, educational use, or governmental use without a channel usage charge.