Dividend Sample Clauses

Dividend. Subject to the provisions of the Companies Law and these Articles, including without limitation the provisions of Articles 7, 8 and 12 and subject to any rights or conditions of Preferred Shares and other rights and conditions attached at that time to any share in the capital of the Company granting preferential, special or deferred rights or not granting any rights with respect to dividends, the profits of the Company shall be distributable to the shareholders of the Company according to the proportion of the nominal value paid up or credited as paid up on account of the shares held by them at the date so appointed by the Company, without regard to the premium paid in excess of the nominal value. A distribution, setting aside or declaration of dividend requires a decision of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may issue any share upon the condition that a dividend shall be paid at a certain date or that a portion of the declared dividend for a certain period shall be paid, or that the period for which a dividend shall be paid shall commence at a certain date, or a similar condition, all as decided by the Board of Directors. In every such case – subject to the provision mentioned in the beginning of this articlethe dividend shall be paid in respect of such a share in accordance with such a condition.
Dividend. Subdivision, Combination or Reclassification of Common ---------------------------------------------------------------- Stock. In the event that the Company shall at any time or from time to time, ----- after the issuance of this Warrant but prior to the exercise hereof, (w) pay a dividend or make a distribution on the outstanding shares of Common Stock payable in Capital Stock, (x) subdivide the outstanding shares of Common Stock into a larger number of shares, (y) combine the outstanding shares of Common Stock into a smaller number of shares or (z) issue any shares of its Capital Stock in a reclassification of the Common Stock (other than any such event for which an adjustment is made pursuant to another clause of this Section 5), then, and in each such case, the aggregate number of Warrant Shares for which this Warrant is exercisable (the "Warrant Share Number") immediately prior to such event shall be adjusted (and any other appropriate actions shall be taken by the Company) so that the Warrantholder shall be entitled to receive upon exercise of this Warrant the number of shares of Common Stock or other securities of the Company that it would have owned or would have been entitled to receive upon or by reason of any of the events described above, had this Warrant been exercised immediately prior to the occurrence of such event. An adjustment made pursuant to this Section 5.1 shall become effective retroactively (x) in the case of any such dividend or distribution, to a date immediately following the close of business on the record date for the determination of holders of Common Stock entitled to receive such dividend or distribution or (y) in the case of any such subdivision, combination or reclassification, to the close of business on the day upon which such corporate action becomes effective.
Dividend. Parent and BHN covenant and agree that as soon as practicable after the Closing, Parent shall pay an annualized dividend of $0.50 per share of Parent Common Stock, the payment date of which will be announced and approved by the then Parent’s board of directors, provided funds are legally available therefor.
Dividend. In order for the Selling Funds to comply with Section 852(a)(1) of the Code and to avoid having any investment company taxable income or net capital gain (as defined in Sections 852(b)(2) and 1222(11) of the Code, respectively) in the short taxable year ending with its dissolution, each Selling Fund will on or before the Valuation Date (a) declare a dividend in an amount large enough so that it will have declared dividends of substantially all of its investment company taxable income and net capital gain, if any, for such taxable year (determined without regard to any deduction for dividends paid) and (b) distribute such dividend.
Dividend. 3.1 Each of the holders of Series G CCPS shall be entitled to payment of 5% (five percent) non-cumulative dividend per annum (calculated on the sum of the face value and premium paid) on each of the Series G CCPS by way of dividend from the Company in accordance with applicable Law as and when the Board of the Company declares any dividend to any shareholder.
Dividend. The portion of earnings a company is expected to distribute to its common shareholders in the next 12 months for each share they own. Dividends are usually paid quarterly. Dividend payments reflect positively on a company and help maintain investors' trust. Investors typically find dividend-paying stocks appealing because the dividend adds to any market price appreciation to result in higher return on investment (ROI). Moreover, a steady or increasing dividend payment provides investors a cushion in a down market.
Dividend. The Securities shall bear and pay a preferred dividend rate of Fourteen Cents ($0.14) per share, per annum, payable to the holder at the end of each calendar quarter, commencing on June 15, 1999. This amount shall accrue for the first year (6/15/98 - 6/14/99) and be divided equally among and added to the quarterly payments of the second year (6/15/99 - 6/14/00).
Dividend. Each of the holders of Series H CCPS shall be entitled to receive a dividend of 8% in USD (eight per cent) per annum on a cumulative basis calculated on the issue price paid on each such Series H CCPS. Subject to the Applicable Law, each holder of Series H CCPS shall be individually entitled, in addition and cumulative to the above, to participate in the distribution of the profits of the Company if made to the other shareholders (including the holders of Equity Shares and compulsorily convertible preference shares, but excluding Proparco CCPS) of the Company assuming that all Series H CCPS have been converted to Equity Shares at the Normal Conversion Factor set out below. Pursuant to the above, it is clarified that the Company shall not declare, pay or set aside any dividends on Shares of any other class or kind of share capital (other than Proparco CCPS) unless the holders of the Series H CCPS first receive a dividend on each Series H CCPS equal to the sum of: (i) 8% in USD (eight per cent) per annum on a cumulative basis calculated on the issue price paid; and (ii) the corresponding dividend that the holders of Series H CCPS would receive if the profits of the Company are distributed to the other Shareholders of the Company. The dividend pay-out as set out under this paragraph 2 shall be payable in cash or in kind.
Dividend. In the event the Company distributes cash dividends, then the Exercise Price for each Ordinary Share underlying such Warrant, not exercised prior to such record date, shall be reduced, as of the record date determining the right to receive such dividend, by the gross dividend amount so distributed per Warrant Share. However, in any event, the Exercise Price shall not be reduced to less than the higher of: (i) the par value of an Ordinary Share; (ii) minimum exercise price according to the stock exchange by laws (if and to the extent that the stock exchange by laws indeed imposes such a limitation on such an issuance of Warrant Shares).
Dividend. The Company shall pay ten percent (10%) annual dividend on the unpaid Face Amount of this Convertible Redeemable Preferred Stock (this “Preferred”) at such times and in such amounts as determined by the Holder. The Holder shall have the right to request dividend payments on the Face Amount anytime after closing and each month thereafter. The Holder shall submit to the Company a notice requesting a payment in the amount equal to the dividend accruing for that month on the balance of the Preferred. The dividend shall be compounded daily. Any monies paid to the Holder in excess of the dividend due when paid shall be credited toward the Redemption of the Face Amount of the Preferred.