Displaced Sample Clauses

Displaced. The Corporation will undertake to retrain an employee who has been displaced because of automation or tech- nological changes. The degree of retraining will be governed by the capability of the employee to be retrained and the availability of a suitable position within the Corporation.
Displaced. 1. The displaced Paraprofessional whose job has been modified will have the choice to:
Displaced. A regular employee displaced as a result of reduced or eliminated hours can apply for an open position. If an open position does not exist, the layoff (RIF) process will be initiated on the part of the District.

Related to Displaced

  • Displacement (a) An Employee whose position is eliminated by the Employer or who is displaced in accordance with this Article shall, provided the Employee has not less than 24 months of seniority:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises 1. The Parties will promote a favourable environment for the development of the small and medium enterprises (SME) on the basis of strengthening of the relevant private and governmental bodies, as well as the exchange of experiences and good practices with the SME. 2. Cooperation shall include, among other subjects: (a) the designing and development of mechanisms to encourage partnership and productive chain linkage development; (b) development of human resources and management skills to increase the knowledge of the Chinese and Peruvian markets; (c) defining and developing methods and strategies for clusters development; (d) increasing access to information regarding mandatory procedures and any other relevant information for an SME exporter; (e) defining technological transference: programs oriented to transfer technological innovation to SME and to improve their productivity; (f) increasing access to information on technological promotion programs for SME and financial support and encouragement programs for SME; (g) supporting new exporting SME (sponsorship, credits and guarantees, seed capital); and (h) encouraging partnership and information exchange for SME financing institutions (credits, banks, guarantee organizations, seed capital firms). 3. Cooperation shall be developed, among other activities, through: (a) information exchange; (b) conferences, seminars, experts dialogue and training programs with experts; and (c) promoting contacts between economic operators, encouraging opportunities for industrial and technical prospecting.

  • Ambulance The deductible and coinsurance for services not subject to copays applies.

  • Technological Displacement The Employer agrees that, whenever possible, no Employee shall lose employment because of technological change, utilizing normal turnover of staff to absorb such displaced employees. However, when necessary to reduce staff, it shall be done as outlined in Article 14.01 and Article 18.

  • Smoking Persons working under Agreement shall adhere to local smoking policies. Smoking will only be permitted in posted areas or off premises.

  • No Smoking All District properties are tobacco-free zones; Contractor is prohibited from using any tobacco product on District property.

  • Signaling Link Transport 10.2.1 Signaling Link Transport is a set of two (2) or four (4) dedicated 56 kbps transmission paths between EZ Phone designated Signaling Points of Interconnection that provide appropriate physical diversity.

  • Safety Glasses Section 1. The City shall supply prescription safety glasses with plastic lenses to employees who are required to wear safety glasses and who are members of the classifications contained in Appendix C to this contract. Safety glasses which are authorized must be industrial grade safety glasses which meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI Specification Z87.1. All employees who are required to wear safety glasses shall also be required to wear side shields, either permanent or snap-on, whenever an eye hazard exists. Solid tinted glasses will not be approved unless required by prescription. Photogray, progressive, scratch coating and/or anti-glare lenses may be considered for those employees who primarily work outdoors or as prescribed. In the event that additional classes are identified as needing either prescription safety glasses or protective eyewear, such classes may be added to the classification list in Appendix C upon approval of PAGE and the City.

  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE Substance abuse is recognized to be a serious medical and social problem that can affect employees. The Company and Union have a strong interest in encouraging early treatment and as- sisting employees towards full rehabilitation. The company will continue to provide a comprehensive ap- proach towards dealing with substance abuse and its related problems. Company assistance will include referral of employ- ees to appropriate counseling services or treatment and rehabili- tation facilities. The company will provide all normal group insurance benefits while under a medically prescribed course of treatment. A committee will be set up comprising representation of the Company and the Union to administer the program. Union Sub- stance Abuse Representatives will be provided such time as is necessary for the administration of the program.

  • Storage Your milk must be stored in accordance with all Laws and the Quality Standards. Your milk will not be collected by DFMC from non-refrigerated vessels. Furthermore, DFMC will not accept your milk if it has been segregated on the basis of composition or quality.