Ambulance definition

Ambulance means a registered road vehicle, boat or aircraft operated by an Ambulance Service Provider and equipped for the transport of persons requiring medical attention.
Ambulance means a ground, air, or water vehicle that:
Ambulance means a ground or air vehicle licensed to provide Ambulance services.

Examples of Ambulance in a sentence

  • Ground Ambulance: 50% Yes Yes Air Ambulance: 50% Yes Yes Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation Ground or Air Ambulance, as we determine appropriate.

  • Non-Emergency ambulance transportation by a licensed ambulance service (either ground or Air Ambulance, as we determine appropriate) between facilities only when the transport meets one of the following: • From an out-of-Network Hospital to the closest Network Hospital when Covered Health Care Services are required.

  • Emergency Ambulance Services Allowed Amounts for ground and Air Ambulance transport provided by an Out-of- Network Provider will be determined as described below under Allowed Amounts in this Schedule of Benefits.

  • This software is mature EMS data collection, regulatory, billing and quality assurance software that is currently in use by some of the largest, highest-volume Ambulance services in the United States.

  • For Air Ambulance transportation provided by an Out-of-Network Provider, the Allowed Amount is based on one of the following in the order listed below as applicable: • The reimbursement rate as determined by a state All Payer Model Agreement.

More Definitions of Ambulance

Ambulance or “ambulance vehicle” means a privately or publicly owned motor vehicle, aircraft or watercraft that is regularly provided or offered to be provided for the emergency transportation of persons who are ill or injured or who have disabilities.
Ambulance means a motor vehicle which is equipped with life support systems and used to transport sick and injured persons who require emergency medical care to medical facilities.
Ambulance means any ground, air or water vehicle which is or should be approved by the Commissioner of Health, designed and equipped to transport a patient or patients and to provide appropriate on- scene and en route patient stabilization and care as required. Vehicles used as ambulances shall meet such standards as may be required by the State Board of health for approval, and shall display evidence of such approval at all times. [Title 63 O.S. Section 1-2501(1)].
Ambulance means a specially equipped and licensed vehicle for transporting sick or injured individuals that meets the licensing standards of the Authority or the licensing standards of the state in which the ambulance provider is located.
Ambulance means a road vehicle operated by a licensed / authorized service provider and equipped for the transport and paramedical treatment of the person requiring medical attention.
Ambulance means any conveyance on land, sea, or air that is used, or is intended to be used, for the purpose of responding to emergency life-threatening situations and providing transportation of an emergency patient.
Ambulance shall include any vehicle or conveyance used for Ambulance duty.