Ambulance Sample Clauses

Ambulance. The Plan covers, the covered percentage, of charges in excess of the amount payable under the covered person’s Provincial Hospital Plan for professional licensed ambulance service, including air or rail ambulance service to transport the covered person subject to prior approval of the Administrator as follows: - from the place of injury (or where illness struck) to the nearest hospital where treatment is available; - directly from the first hospital where treatment is given to the nearest hospital for needed specialized treatment not available at the first hospital; or - from a hospital to a convalescent hospital.
Ambulance. Each Colliery/large establishment will be provided at least with one Ambulance. All the ambulance will be kept in working order and made available whenever necessary.
Ambulance. The deductible and coinsurance for services not subject to copays 35 applies. 36
Ambulance. City shall have available at all times a primary response ground ambulance that is licensed in accordance with ARSD 44:05, twenty-four hours (24) per day, seven days (7) per week and fully able to transport the ill or injured. City shall have its vehicles with such attendants and equipment as are specified in paragraph B available to respond to all emergency calls from Center and/or Hospital within the mandatory response times specified in ARSD 44:05:03:02.01. City shall dispatch its ambulance to the Center located at 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx when requested by Center's staff subject to the provisions of paragraph D below. The parties recognize that on rare occasions, City may need to transfer a patient to the Center. This Agreement shall also cover those transports.
Ambulance. The CONTRACTOR’s policies and procedures regarding the appropriateness of using an ambulance to provide covered NEMT services shall be based on Medicare’s medical necessity requirements (see, e.g., 42 CFR 410.40 and Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 10 — Ambulance Services). Amendment Number 3 (cont.)
Ambulance. The dry run rate for ambulance shall be computed by using the appropriate base rate(s) (BLS, ALS, CCT), and/or Waiting Time, as applicable, and shall apply when Contractor, acting upon an official request from CDO, responds with its personnel and ambulance(s) arrives at the point of patient pickup and the call cannot be completed due to cancellation by CDO or the sending County facility or if the patient refuses transport.
Ambulance. The deductible and coinsurance for services not subject to copays 38 applies. 39 40 E. Prescription drugs. 41 42 1. Co-payments and annual out-of-pocket maximums. 44 For each the first year of the contract: