Scientific Principles Sample Clauses

Scientific Principles. 3. Each Party shall ensure that any sanitary or phytosanitary measure that it adopts, maintains or applies is:
Scientific Principles. Each Party shall ensure that any phytosanitary or animal health measure it adopts, applies or maintains:
Scientific Principles. 7KH ³)LYH 3RLQW 3ROLF\ *XLGDQFH´ )5 order to obtain meaningful information, the applicant and the Services should structure themonitoring and standards so that we can compare the results from one reporting period to another period or compare different areas, and the monitoring protocol responds to theTXHVWLRQ V DLVWN HVGW D´W H,VQ WDKGDGWL W L³R7QK H PRQLWRULQJ VFLHQFH ´ The Monitoring Program will employ a set of scientific principles that will establish the standard for collection, analysis, and interpretation of data generated in this program. These principles will ensure a program that is scientifically rigorous, question-based, and with the strongest inference possible. These principles will also ensure that monitoring efforts efficiently provide data that are relevant and enable valid comparisons between populations separated by distance and time.

Related to Scientific Principles

  • Basic Principles 1.1 Notwithstanding the absence of legal commitment, the company should pay compensation to patient-volunteers suffering bodily injury (including death) in accordance with these Guidelines.

  • General Principles Each Party undertakes to take part in the efficient implementation of the Project, and to cooperate, perform and fulfil, promptly and on time, all of its obligations under the Grant Agreement and this Consortium Agreement as may be reasonably required from it and in a manner of good faith as prescribed by Belgian law. Each Party undertakes to notify promptly, in accordance with the governance structure of the Project, any significant information, fact, problem or delay likely to affect the Project. Each Party shall promptly provide all information reasonably required by a Consortium Body or by the Coordinator to carry out its tasks. Each Party shall take reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of any information or materials it supplies to the other Parties.

  • Cost Principles The Subrecipient shall administer its program in conformance with 2 CFR Part 200, et al; (and if Subrecipient is a governmental or quasi-governmental agency, the applicable sections of 24 CFR 85, “Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to State and Local Governments,”) as applicable. These principles shall be applied for all costs incurred whether charged on a direct or indirect basis.

  • Guiding Principles This Agreement shall create a liberal, facilitative, transparent and competitive investment environment in ASEAN by adhering to the following principles:

  • MACBRIDE FAIR EMPLOYMENT PRINCIPLES In accordance with the MacBride Fair Employment Principles (Chapter 807 of the Laws of 1992), the Contractor hereby stipulates that the Contractor either (a) has no business operations in Northern Ireland, or (b) shall take lawful steps in good faith to conduct any business operations in Northern Ireland in accordance with the MacBride Fair Employment Principles (as described in Section 165 of the New York State Finance Law), and shall permit independent monitoring of compliance with such principles.

  • MacBride Principles - Northern Ireland The provisions of San Francisco Administrative Code §12F are incorporated herein by this reference and made part of this Agreement. By signing this Agreement, Contractor confirms that Contractor has read and understood that the City urges companies doing business in Northern Ireland to resolve employment inequities and to abide by the MacBride Principles, and urges San Francisco companies to do business with corporations that abide by the MacBride Principles.

  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Wherever in this Agreement reference is made to generally accepted accounting principles, such reference shall be deemed to be the recommendations at the relevant time of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, or any successor institute, applicable on a consolidated basis (unless otherwise specifically provided herein to be applicable on an unconsolidated basis) as at the date on which a calculation is made or required to be made in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Where the character or amount of any asset or liability or item of revenue or expense is required to be determined, or any consolidation or other accounting computation is required to be made for the purpose of this Agreement or any document, such determination or calculation shall, to the extent applicable and except as otherwise specified herein or as otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, be made in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a consistent basis.

  • Principles 1.1.0 The Trust will be governed by the employee representatives and the employer representatives, together with the Crown;