Classroom Sample Clauses

Classroom. An hour's compensation for instructors shall be defined as equal to one
Classroom. You are required to assist in keeping classrooms and studios in good order.
Classroom a. To take proper care of the classroom, its furniture and equipment.
Classroom. Classroom includes both the traditional classroom and the virtual classroom, including instructional library, counseling, and learning spaces.
Classroom. The Xxxx or representative of the School shall distribute student evaluation forms to and collect the forms from students in the selected class(es).Student evaluation packets are prepared consisting of a Scantron sheet and Form D-5 (or D-5A if applicable). Adjuncts may choose to have student evaluations conducted more frequently, for example, once a year.
Classroom. A classroom is a physical or virtual learning space where Professors instruct students, and may include campus meeting rooms, laboratories, off-campus instruction sites, learning management systems, and virtual meeting spaces.
Classroom. The District shall make every effort to furnish each employee with a classroom. Where this is not possible, the employee shall be provided with a locked filing cabinet in each room taught.
Classroom. All students are to wear the designated class uniform with no unapproved alterations. Uniforms must be clean, neat and wrinkle free. All aspects of the uniform must be in good repair with no unapproved alterations ONLY athletic shoes or loafers with covered toes and backs and quiet soled heels are allowed. Shoes must be clean, polished, and in good repair at all times. NO flip flops, clogs, slippers, etc. Student will be sent home for the day as an absence. • Hair must be neatly arranged with good grooming evident at all times. • Current FCTC picture Identification badge is required at all times. • The approved lab coat with the FCTC logo may be worn over the student uniform. • Natural fingernails must be clean and not beyond fingertips in length. No polish of any color or kind is allowed. No acrylic or artificial nails of any kind are permitted. This policy applies to clinical, simulation labs, and classroom. • Make-up is to be worn modestly. • No perfumes, colognes or scented lotions are permitted. • Chewing gum is NOT appropriate or professional while in uniform; therefore, gum is NOT to be chewed at any time in the classroom, lab or clinical. • Tattoos must be covered within the confines of the required uniform or tattoo make-up. • Smoking is not permitted on campus grounds. This policy will be strictly enforced. Students may not have an odor of smoke on their hair, body, or uniform. I understand and agree I will not be permitted to participate in classroom, clinical or laboratory activities unless wearing the designated uniform. If not in designated uniform I will be sent home and docked appropriately. This is an employability skill requirement which is essential to successfully complete the Practical Nursing program.
Classroom. The Faculty member is entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing his or her subject.
Classroom. Space will be provided in each classroom and for each teacher for safe storage of personal belongings, instructional materials and supplies.