Covered Activities Sample Clauses

Covered Activities. The Plan will identify and address the Covered Activities carried out by the Local Agencies that may result in take of Covered Species within the Planning Area. Covered Activities may include: those existing, planned and proposed land uses over which the Local Agencies have land use authority; certain agricultural activities over which the Local Agencies exercise control for purposes of the Plan; habitat restoration and conservation actions; and adaptive habitat management and monitoring activities in the Planning Area. The Parties intend that the Plan will allow Covered Activities in the Planning Area to be carried out in compliance with NCCPA, CESA and FESA.
Covered Activities. The Course shall be part of a program of professional improvement and growth approved by the Superintendent and directly connected to improving student learning within our district’s schools. Teachers shall indicate how the requested Course is directly connected to improving student learning within the scope of their responsibilities in the District. This may be demonstrated in one or more of the following ways:
Covered Activities. “Covered activities” under this section means activities meeting the requirements of § 570.208(a) that either:
Covered Activities. The DRECP will identify and address the Covered Activities that may result in the Take of Covered Species within the Planning Area. The Parties intend for the DRECP to provide a means by which Covered Activities in the Planning Area can proceed in a manner that meets the requirements of the NCCPA and FESA, and potentially other laws as described in Section 2.3. A list of proposed Covered Activities is attached as Exhibit C. The list of Covered Activities in this Planning Agreement is intended to establish an initial set of actions that the Parties anticipate could result in Take of listed species and for which Take Authorization is sought under the DRECP. The Parties acknowledge additional Covered Activities may be identified and others removed from the list as part of the DRECP Planning process.
Covered Activities. Covered Activities are the activities that will be addressed in the MSHCP/NCCP and for which the Town will seek an NCCPA take permit pursuant to Fish and Game Code Section 2835 and an incidental take permit pursuant to Section 10 of FESA. Covered Activities under the Plan will be limited to land uses over which the Town has land use authority and will include planning authorizations within its Sphere of Influence. In order to facilitate the MSHCP/NCCP, the Town entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with San Bernardino County, which allows the Town to act as the Lead Agency in preparing and implementing the MSHCP/NCCP locally on County lands included within the Planning Area. Future projects permitted in these areas will be required by the County to verify that the Town has reviewed the project and found it compliant with the MSHCP/NCCP. The Town may also include certain agricultural activities and adaptive habitat management and monitoring activities in the Planning Area as part of the Plan’s Covered Activities. The Parties intend that local permits issued based on the Plan will authorize Covered Activities in the Planning Area to be carried out in compliance with NCCPA and FESA subject to the limitations and conditions identified in the Plan and the incidental take permits.
Covered Activities. This CCAA provides assurances to the Land Office for activities related to carrying out its constitutional mandate to generate revenues for trust beneficiaries, including all activities associated with agricultural leasing, oil, gas and minerals leasing, and commercial leasing; grants of easements or rights-of way; site remediation and restoration; removal of infrastructure; and Habitat Projects. Conservation, research and monitoring projects performed or approved by the Commissioner will also be Covered Activities. Projects may include, but are not limited to, xxxx/recapture studies, presence/absence surveys, captive breeding and reintroduction, population surveys, habitat assessments, water quality monitoring, and other similar activities to study, monitor, and assess the species. Each CI will provide assurances for the Lessee’s lawful activities conducted on state trust lands to effectuate the purposes of the lease or grant, including but not limited to activities associated with oil and gas development; ranching, farming, or other agriculture; sale, gift or trade of water; and mining and solid mineral extraction.
Covered Activities. Consultant shall report to the chief ------------------ executive officer of Xxxxx and shall advise and consult with such chief executive officer of Xxxxx, subject at all times to the policies and control of the chief executive officer of Xxxxx. The consulting services provided by Consultant shall be to act as a finder for Xxxxx with respect to potential acquisitions for Xxxxx and to provide general acquisition related and financial advice (which shall also include the availability of meeting space and/or secretarial and technological assistance which has been customary at Consultant's New York office, if requested), subject to the following conditions:
Covered Activities. As part of the development of this Agreement, the Parties have identified “covered activities” that KS, and/or other entities acting with KS’ consent, will implement on the Enrolled Property. These activities are being implemented to promote the conservation and recovery of the Covered Species or to allow for koa silviculture or exercise of cultural practices. A summary of net benefits to Covered Species is addressed in Section 7 below. The “Covered Activities” are activities conducted on the Enrolled Property that are: (1) likely to result in the incidental take of the Covered Species during the term of this Agreement and associated permits, or (2) activities that fully avoid the likelihood of take of Covered Species through the implementation of specific avoidance and minimization measures. These activities are described in the subsections below. Nothing in this Agreement prevents KS from implementing other management activities not described in the Agreement, as long as such actions maintain the original baseline conditions defined herein, are not likely to result in incidental take of the Covered Species and do not adversely affect the net conservation benefits to Covered Species described in Section 7 of this Agreement. Emergency situations arising from natural disasters (e.g., wildfire, lava flows, volcanic eruptions, or hurricanes) may require the rapid initiation of certain land management actions that may result in the incidental take of the Covered Species. The Service and DLNR acknowledge that survey and/or relocation may be impossible in these urgent situations. KS will notify the Service and DLNR within 10 days of such a situation, and will allow entry of personnel and equipment and make other reasonable accommodations to the Service and/or DLNR for survey and/or relocation of Covered Species individuals.
Covered Activities. The Covered Activities, as described in Chapter 4, consist primarily of activities related to the development and operation of water conveyance infrastructure associated with the SWP that will occur within the Plan Area. Specifically, those SWP-related actions covered by the BDCP involve the following actions:  The development and operation of new Delta conveyance facilities, in conjunction with the operation of existing facilities, to transport and deliver water to State Water Project and Central Valley Project contractors.  The maintenance and monitoring of water infrastructure and other facilities. The Covered Activities also include actions associated with restoration of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, monitoring of Covered Species, and research and study of species and their habitats.
Covered Activities. This Template Safe Harbor Agreement applies only to the Covered Activities, as defined above.