Board Committee definition

Board Committee or “Committee” shall mean the Compensation Committee of the Employer’s Board of Directors, or such other Committee of the Board as may be delegated with the duty of determining Participant eligibility under the Plan.
Board Committee means any committee of the Board.

Examples of Board Committee in a sentence

  • Members of the Board of Retirement who are not members of the Committee may attend and participate in a meeting of a Board Committee but may not vote on any matter discussed at the meeting.

  • The Independent Financial Adviser has been appointed to advise the Independent Board Committee and the Independent Shareholders in this regard.

  • A clean copy of all other Board and Board Committee materials should be kept for no less than three years by the corporation.

  • Service as a Plan Administrator by the members of the Compensation Committee or the Secondary Board Committee shall constitute service as Board members, and the members of each such committee shall accordingly be entitled to full indemnification and reimbursement as Board members for their service on such committee.

  • The Board may also at any time terminate the functions of any Secondary Board Committee and reassume all powers and authority previously delegated to such committee.

More Definitions of Board Committee

Board Committee means the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors or another committee of the Board of Directors designated by the Board of Directors to perform the functions of the Board Committee hereunder. To the extent required by Rule 16b-3, the Board Committee shall be composed solely of directors who are not Participants in the Plan and are in other respects "Non-Employee Directors" within the meaning of Rule 16b-3.
Board Committee means an ongoing committee established by the Board;
Board Committee means a committee of the Board established pursuant to Section 2.6.
Board Committee means Cyrus Capital Partners, L.P.; Monarch Alternative Capital LP; GoldenTree Asset Management; GSO Capital Partners; Brigade Capital Management; and Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP; provided, that, (x) if a party represented on the Board Committee determines to give up its position on the Board Committee, the next largest pro forma holder of New Common Equity willing to serve will replace such resigning holder and (y) if any holder of New Common Equity represented on the Board Committee sells Claims and, after such sale, such holder is not then one of the six (6) largest holders of New Common Equity, on a pro forma basis (without giving effect to the Agreed Dilution), the other members of the Board Committee shall determine whether to request such selling member resign from the Board Committee and be replaced by the next largest pro forma holder of New Common Equity willing to serve.
Board Committee means the committees of the Board appointed by the Board of SASCOC;
Board Committee means a committee comprising such Members of the Board or third parties as the Board may from time to time establish and to which the Board may, in its discretion, delegate various of its functions under these Rules