Contractors and Consultants Sample Clauses

Contractors and Consultants. Whenever applicable, in the carrying out of the Project, the Borrower shall cause competent and qualified consultants and contractors, acceptable to the Borrower and ADB, to be employed to an extent and upon terms and conditions satisfactory to the Borrower and ADB.
Contractors and Consultants. With respect to the Development by Licensee of the Product in the Territory for use in the Field, Licensee shall have the right to engage Third Party contractors and consultants to conduct applicable services on its behalf; provided, however, that such Third Parties shall be obligated, in writing, to comply with the confidentiality and other terms and conditions of this Agreement which by their nature govern Licensee’s rights and obligations associated with the Development of the Product. Licensee agrees that it shall remain primarily liable for such Third Party contractors’ and consultants’ compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, this Section 4.1.2 shall not be deemed to govern Licensee’s right to grant sublicenses under the licenses and rights granted to Licensee under Section 2.1 of this Agreement, as such rights are governed by, and subject to, Section 2.2 above.
Contractors and Consultants. CLIENT understands and agrees that DESIGN FIRM is not acting as a general contractor and is not providing contractor or construction services. DESIGN FIRM provides no warranty, guarantee, certification, or responsibility for the performance, quality, or timely completion of any work performed or materials installed by Contractor(s), nor their agents or employees.
Contractors and Consultants. The Developer shall be the construction manager for the construction of the Premises and is responsible for all work described in the Construction Plans and Specifications and the Tenant Fit-Up Plans and Specifications. Entrust also has authorized the Developer's use of the following consultants: for architecture: Xxxxxxxxxx & Goodz, Architects for mechanical/electrical engineering: X.X. XxXxx Engineering Ltd.; for structural engineering: Adjeleian Xxxxx Xxxxxx Limited; for civil engineering: Novatech Engineering Consultants Ltd.; for interior design: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx for landscape architecture: Xxxxxxxx Levstek; for elevator consulting: Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx & Associates; for food service consulting: Design Food Services Incorporated; for soils: Xxxxxx Associates. The Developer shall not use any other consultants for the functions and purposes listed above in connection with the design and construction of the Premises without first obtaining Entrust's written approval.
Contractors and Consultants. A. The Corporation, when necessary to complete the Work Program, may contract parts of the Work Program to contractors acceptable to MOH, subject to the provisions of this Article Four.
Contractors and Consultants. Contractors and Consultants shall mean the entity to which the Purchase Order is directed and furnish Goods and/or Work as specified on the Purchase Order.
Contractors and Consultants. Whenever applicable, in the carrying out of the Project, WHO shall cause competent and qualified consultants and contractors, in accordance with the terms of reference agreed between ADB and WHO.
Contractors and Consultants. The Project Manager may retain the services of such consultants and contractors as is reasonably necessary to carry out the studies and tasks assigned to the Project Team. Costs of consultants and contractors assigned to the Project Team shall be recovered by Operator through direct charges to the Joint Account under Exhibit “C” (Accounting Procedure) of the Operating Agreement. So long as the Costs of the consultant or contractor are within the scope of an approved AFE, the Project Manager’s retention of consultants shall not require additional approval by the Participating Parties.
Contractors and Consultants. The Developer or appropriate Owner Entity shall be responsible for the selection and engagement of subcontractors, consultants and other participating parties necessary for carrying out Developer Services or Additional Services. The Authority acknowledges that, in accordance with 24 CFR § 941.602(d)(2), neither the Developer nor an Owner Entity is required to comply with procedures set forth in the procurement policy of the Authority or under 24 CFR § 85.36; however, the Developer agrees to submit a written procurement policy for the review and approval of the Authority prior to selecting any contractors or consultants not previously identified to the Authority as of the date of this Agreement referenced below. In selecting contractors and consultants, the Developer shall be alert to organizational conflicts of interest as well as noncompetitive practices that may restrict or eliminate competition or otherwise restrain trade and will make awards to the bidder or offeror whose bid or offer is in the Developer’s (or Owner Entity’s) sole determination most advantageous to the revitalization, taking into consideration price, quality, experience and other factors. The other factors shall include (but not be limited to) the bidder’s or offeror's commitment to compliance with the Section 3 and MBE/WBE participation goals as described in this Agreement. The Developer will at all times comply with the highest ethical standards to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest in the procurement, management or selection of vendors, subcontractors, investment partners or professional service providers. The Developer further covenants that in the performance of this Agreement, no person having such interest shall be employed by it or shall subcontract with it to perform duties under this Agreement. The Developer shall advise the Authority of all selections by the Developer of contractors or other participating parties engaged or selected for participation in the Revitalization. Developer’s contracts for architecture, engineering and general construction ("Principal Development Contracts") shall be reviewed and approved by the Authority in advance of the Developer’s finalization thereof. The Authority may disapprove a selection made by the Developer only in writing specifying one of the following the grounds of disapproval: (i) a conflict of interest causing the Authority to violate its obligations under applicable regulations, the ACC, 24 C.F.R...
Contractors and Consultants. A Message from GE Energy General Electric Company and its GE Energy business (“GE”) are committed to unyielding Integrity and high standards of business conduct in everything we do, especially in our dealings with GE suppliers, contractors and consultants (collectively “suppliers”). For well over a century, GE people have created an asset of incalculable value - the company’s worldwide reputation for integrity and high standards of business conduct. That reputation, built by so many people over so many years, rides on each business transaction we make. GE bases supplier relationships on lawful, efficient and fair practices, and expects its suppliers to adhere to applicable legal requirements in their business relationships, including those with their employees, their local environments, and GE. The quality of our supplier relationships often has a direct bearing on the quality of our customer relationships. Likewise, the quality of our suppliers’ products and services affects the quality of our own products and services. To help GE suppliers understand the GE commitment to unyielding Integrity and the standards of business conduct that all GE suppliers must meet, GE has prepared this GE Energy Integrity Guide for Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants. The Guide is divided into four sections: • GE Code of ConductGE Compliance ObligationsResponsibilities of GE SuppliersHow to Raise an Integrity Concern Suppliers should carefully review this Guide, including but not limited to the section, Responsibilities of GE Suppliers. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that they and their employees, representatives and sub-suppliers comply with the standards of conduct required of GE suppliers. Please contact the GE manager you work with or any GE Compliance Resource if you have any questions about this Guide or the standards of business conduct that all GE suppliers must meet. Xxxx X. Xxxx, President & CEO, GE Energy Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, General Manager, Global Sourcing GE Code of Conduct GE’s commitment to total, unyielding Integrity is set forth in the Company’s Compliance Handbook, Integrity: The Spirit and The Letter of Our Commitment (“Spirit & Letter”). The policies set forth in the Spirit & Letter govern the conduct of all GE employees and are supplemented by compliance procedures and guidelines adopted by GE components. All GE employees must not only comply with the “letter” of the Com...