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Context. The Department of Education is Western Australia’s largest public sector employer with approximately 45,000 staff or one third of the Government workforce in around 800 worksites. We provide a system of public schools in which our aim is to ensure that every school is a good school, every teacher is effective and every student is successful. The Department's other key responsibilities include: • regulation of non-government schools in accordance with Part 4 of the School Education Act 1999administration of state funding to non-government schools • higher education policy and planning • legislative reviews • providing Secretariat services to the Teachers Registration Board of Western Australia, the Training Accreditation Council and the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. The principles underpinning the Department’s operations in Western Australia are: • working collaboratively to achieve outcomes • accepting responsibility and accountability for the achievement of outcomes • enabling flexible, innovative and diverse work practices • promoting confidence in the professional judgement of the Department’s staff. All Department actions are guided by four core values: Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care. For further information, please visit: xxxxx:// Further context about the particular school or college in which the vacancy is being advertised is available on the Department’s website. Please visit xxxx:// and enter the school or college name in the Find a School field.
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Context. The Department of Education is Western Australia’s largest employer with approximately one third of the Government workforce in some 800 worksites across the State. The Department’s annual budget is approximately $4.5
Context. Whenever required by the context, the singular shall include the plural, the plural the singular, and one gender such other gender as is appropriate.
Context. The Government of Canada consults with Aboriginal people for reasons of good governance, sound policy development and decision-making as well as for legal reasons. Canada has statutory, contractual and common law obligations to consult with Aboriginal groups. The Government of Canada will take a “Whole of Government” approach to Aboriginal consultation in the context of major resource projects to ensure that Aboriginal groups are sufficiently consulted, and where appropriate accommodated, when it contemplates actions that may adversely affect established or potential Aboriginal and treaty rights. These rights are recognized and affirmed in Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. This approach is mandated by both the Cabinet Directive on Improving the Performance of the Regulatory System for Major Resource Projects and the associated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (June, 2007). The Directive states that Parties will work together towards a coordinated approach for Aboriginal consultation that is integrated with the EA, to the extent possible. The approach for federal consultation of Aboriginal groups for major resource projects was created in accordance with Aboriginal Consultation and Accommodation: Updated Guidelines for Federal Officials to Fulfill the Duty to Consult (AANDC; March 2011).
Context. Wherever the context so requires, the singular number shall include the plural and the plural shall include the singular.
Context. Whenever the context requires, the gender of all words herein shall include the masculine, feminine, and neuter, and the number of all words shall include the singular and the plural.
Context. 2.1.1 Government has events requirements which span a variety of markets (Financial, X0X, X0X, Health, etc), audiences (press, consumer, businesses, tourism, etc) and across various locations (ranging from regional and national to overseas and international events).
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Context. This contract is made in the following context:
Context. Throughout this Agreement, references to “Client,” “you,” or “your” mean the entity who has accepted a quote, proposal, service order, or similar document (electronic or otherwise) from Prizm. (In this Agreement we refer collectively to these type of documents as a “Quote,” although the actual title(s) or caption(s) of the service- related document might vary.)
Context. As used herein, (a) the term “person” means a natural person, a trustee, a corporation, a partnership, and any other form of legal entity; and (b) all reference made (i) in the neuter, masculine, or feminine gender shall be deemed to have been made in all genders, (ii) in the singular or plural number shall be deemed to have been made, respectively, in the plural or singular number as well, and (iii) to any Section, subsection, paragraph, or subparagraph shall, unless therein expressly indicated to the contrary, be deemed to have been made to such Section, subsection, paragraph, or subparagraph of this Assignment.
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