Consultants Sample Clauses

Consultants. I hereby grant consent to notification by the Company to any other parties besides the Company with whom I maintain a consulting relationship, including parties with whom such relationship commences after the effective date of this Agreement, about my rights and obligations under this Agreement.
Consultants. Any and all consultant(s), sub- consultant(s), subcontractor(s), or agent(s) to the Architect.
Consultants. 1. The services of consultants shall be utilized in the carrying out of the Project, particularly with regard to:
Consultants. The Design Professional shall furnish those consultants as are normal and customarily necessary to complete the services as described in Section 2 as a part of the Design Professional’s Basic Services. The Owner shall pay as Additional Services for other consultants to complete the services as described in Section 3 either through the Design Professional utilizing a change to this Contract or as a separate Contract between the Owner and such outside consultant.
Consultants. The OWNER may retain a Consultant or Consultants to furnish Services throughout the term of this Contract, and the CM shall cooperate with said Consultant or Consultants.
Consultants. (a) The Required Lenders acting jointly or the Administrative Agent may, in their sole discretion, appoint any Consultant for the purposes specified herein. If any of the Consultants is removed or resigns and thereby ceases to act for purposes of this Agreement and the other Financing Documents, the Required Lenders acting jointly or the Administrative Agent, as the case may be, shall designate a Consultant in replacement.
Consultants. 4.1 The A/E’s Consultants for the Project are: