Conditions of Use Sample Clauses

Conditions of Use. CLIENT acknowledges that its use of the Site is subject to and conditioned upon the following terms and agrees that TAILGATE GUYS may exercise any of the remedies set forth herein for CLIENTS failure to comply:
Conditions of Use. The Airbus Software shall only be used for the Permitted Purpose. C.I.T. Leasing Corporation A320 NEO Family Purchase AgreementExhibit N The Licensee shall be solely responsible for, and agrees to be careful in the use of, all outputs and results derived from the operation of the Airbus Software and all consequences, direct and indirect, relating to the use of such output and results. The Licensee agrees to use such outputs and results only once it has verified such outputs and results and has checked the relevance and correctness thereof, in the light of its particular needs.The Licensee expressly acknowledges that it shall take all appropriate precautions for the use of the Airbus Software, including without limitation measures required for its compliance with the User Guide or any information or directive regarding the use of the Supplier Software.Under the present Software License, the Licensee shall:
Conditions of Use. 6.1 The Seller does not warrant that the PEP shall not contain errors. However, should the PEP be found to contain any error at delivery, the Buyer shall notify the Seller promptly thereof and the Seller shall take all proper steps to correct the same at his own expense. 6.2 The Buyer shall ensure that the PEP is correctly used in appropriate machines as indicated in the Performance Programs Manual (PPM) and that staff are properly trained to use the same, to trace and correct running faults, to restart and recover after fault and to operate suitable checks for accuracy of input and output. 6.3 It is understood that the PPM is the user’s guide of the PEP and the Buyer shall undertake to use the PEP in accordance with the PPM. 6.4 The PEP are supplied under the express condition that the Seller shall have no liability in contract or in tort arising from or in connection with the use of or inability to use the PEP. However, Seller shall use its reasonable efforts to remedy any problem or error arising thereof and provide Buyer with any corrected versions thereof.
Conditions of Use. For and during the term of this License, and any extension or renewal thereof, LICENSEE's use of the Premises shall be subject to, and LICENSEE shall comply with and cause LICENSEE’s Designees to comply with, the following conditions, covenants and restrictions. Each person entering the Premises shall be considered at all times to be acting as an agent of LICENSEE.
Conditions of Use. It is understood that the primary contact has the authority to sign the license agreement on behalf of the Licensee organization/group listed above. It is understood the licensee will abide by all policies and rules of the City of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Springs Recreation Department, and NY State Department of Health and they shall be liable for all damages from the activities.
Conditions of Use. 9.1 The Buyer shall not make any copies of ADRES and/or CAATS, except for installation purposes. 9.2 The Seller does not warrant that the operation of ADRES and/or CAATS shall be error free. In the event of an error occurring [*] of delivery, the sole and exclusive liability of the Seller shall be, at its expense, to correct ADRES and/or CAATS in the following revision. However a Temporary Revision in paper form shall be provided by the Seller in order to keep the Buyer documentation current. 9.3 THE WARRANTIES, OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES OF THE SELLER AND REMEDIES OF THE BUYER SET FORTH IN THIS LICENCE ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN SUBSTITUTION FOR, AND THE BUYER HEREBY WAIVES, RELEASES AND RENOUNCES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES OF THE SELLER AND THE RIGHTS, CLAIMS OR REMEDIES OF THE BUYER AGAINST THE SELLER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARISING BY LAW OR OTHERWISE, WITH RESPECT TO ANY NON CONFORMITY OR DEFECT IN THE ADRES AND/OR CAATS DELIVERED UNDER THIS LICENCE.
Conditions of Use. By signing below, the Parent/Guardian affirms and agrees that: (1) the Minor User is capable of participating in the Makerspace Activities (defined below); (2) the Minor User shall comply with all PPLD policies and procedures, including all Makerspace policies, guidelines, and instructions; (3) Parent/Guardian shall be responsible to pay any PPLD charges or fees for use of Makerspace tools, equipment and materials, and for damage, loss or clean-up of PPLD property, which may be valued and billed to Parent/Guardian’s PPLD account or by other means, in PPLD’s discretion; and (4) all insurance of Minor User and/or Parent/Guardian applicable to any injuries or claims arising out of the Makerspace Activities (defined below) shall be primary with any applicable PPLD insurance being secondary.
Conditions of Use. The Buyer must ensure that the PEP is used correctly in appropriate machines, and that the personnel is properly trained in its use in accordance with the PPM.
Conditions of Use. Under the present Software Licence, the Licensee shall: - * to maintain the Software and the relating documentation in good working condition, in order to ensure the correct operation thereof; - use the Software in accordance with such documentation and the User Guide, and ensure that the staff using the Software have received the appropriate training; - use the Software exclusively in the technical environment defined in the applicable User Guide, except as otherwise agreed in writing between the parties (subject to said agreement, decompilation may be exceptionally agreed to by the Licensor in order for the Licensee to obtain the necessary information to enable the Software to function in another technical environment); - use the Software for its own internal needs and on its network only (except if Seller has consented to other usages), when technically possible, and exclusively on the machine referenced and the site declared; - not alter, reverse engineer, modify or adapt the Software, nor integrate all or part of the Software in any manner whatsoever into another software product; - when the source code is provided to the Licensee, the Licensee shall have the right to study and test the Software, under conditions to be expressly specified by the Licensor, but in no event shall the Licensee have the right to correct, modify or translate the Software; - not correct the Software, except that such correction right may exceptionally be granted to the Licensee by the Licensor in writing; - not translate, disassemble or decompile the Software, nor create a software product derived from the Software; - not attempt to or authorize a third party to discover or re-write the Software source codes in any manner whatsoever; Clause 14 - 11/20 APPENDIX A TO CLAUSE 14 - not delete any identification or declaration relative to the intellectual property rights, trademarks or any other information related to ownership or intellectual property rights provided in the Software by the Licensor; - not pledge, sell, distribute, grant, sub-licence, lease, lend, whether on a free-of-charge basis or against payment, or permit access on a time-sharing basis or any other utilization of the Software, whether in whole or in part, for the benefit of a third party; - not permit any third-party to use the Software in any manner, including but not limited to, any outsourcing, loan, commercialization of the Software or commercialization by merging the Software into another software or ada...