Conditions of Use Sample Clauses

Conditions of Use. CLIENT acknowledges that its use of the Site is subject to and conditioned upon the following terms and agrees that TAILGATE GUYS may exercise any of the remedies set forth herein for CLIENTS failure to comply:
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Conditions of Use. You shall use the assigned space only for dormitory purposes and shall not permit any other person to use the space for any purpose without prior written approval from the Department of Residence Services. Specifically prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, excessive noise, smoking including electronic cigarette, exterior radio and tv antennae/satellite dishes/cables, possession or use of firearms or explosives, possession or use of narcotics, illegal possession or inappropriate use of alcohol or controlled substances, the burning of incense, candles or other types of open flame devices, placing items on window ledges, possession of an evergreen or other flammable decoration, throwing items out of windows, inappropriate use of fire extinguishers, solicitations, removing Law School furniture or equipment. Free standing halogen torchiere pole lamps or halogen desk lamps and tubular halogen bulbs are strictly forbidden in Law School residences due to the potential danger of fire associated with their use.
Conditions of Use. The Subscription Services provided to Customer are non-exclusive, non-transferable (except as provided in Section 17.4), and are for Customer’s internal business use only. Customer’s right to use the Subscription Services is conditional upon the following. Customer may not:
Conditions of Use. Renter’s activities during the Rental Period must be compatible with use of the building/grounds and activities in areas adjacent to the Rental Space and building. This includes but is not limited to playing loud music or making any noise at a level that is not reasonable under the circumstances. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the buildings or patio areas. The Banks is a non-smoking property.
Conditions of Use. It is understood that the primary contact has the authority to sign the license agreement on behalf of the Licensee organization/group listed above. It is understood the licensee will abide by all policies and rules of the City of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Springs Recreation Department, and NY State Department of Health and they shall be liable for all damages from the activities.
Conditions of Use. Under the present Software License, the Licensee shall: • maintain the Software and the relating documentation in good working condition, in order to ensure the correct operation thereof; • use the Software in accordance with such documentation and the User Guide, and ensure that the staff using the Software has received the appropriate training; • use the Software exclusively in the technical environment defined in the applicable User Guide, except as otherwise agreed in writing between the parties (subject to said agreement, decompilation may be exceptionally agreed to by the Licensor in order for the Licensee to obtain the necessary information to enable the Software to function in another technical environment); • use the Software for its own internal needs and on its network only, when technically possible, and exclusively on the machine referenced and the site declared; • not alter, reverse engineer, modify or adapt the Software, nor integrate all or part of the Software in any manner whatsoever into another software product; • when the source code is provided to the Licensee, the Licensee shall have the right to study and test the Software, under conditions to be expressly specified by the Licensor, but in no event shall the Licensee have the right to correct, modify or translate the Software; AVA - A320 Family PA AMENDED AND RESTATED • not correct the Software, except that such correction right may exceptionally be granted to the Licensee by the Licensor in writing • not translate, disassemble or decompile the Software, nor create a software product derived from the Software; • not attempt to or authorize a third party to discover or re-write the Software source codes in any manner whatsoever; • not delete any identification or declaration relative to the intellectual property rights, trademarks or any other information related to ownership or intellectual property rights provided in the Software by the Licensor; • not pledge, sell, distribute, grant, sub-license, lease, lend, whether on a free-of-charge basis or against payment, or permit access on a time-sharing basis or any other utilization of the Software, whether in whole or in part, for the benefit of a third party; • not permit any third party to use the Software in any manner, including but not limited to, any outsourcing, loan, commercialization of the Software or commercialization by merging the Software into another software or adapting the Software, without prior written consent from t...
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Conditions of Use. In using the Premises, Renter, its employees, agents, guests, invitees, subcontractors, and Service Providers shall:
Conditions of Use. If customer elects to use MyGovPay and/or VirtualPay the following terms apply:
Conditions of Use. 6.1 You agree that you will be responsible for all use of the Services and (unless, we have agreed to supply it as part of the Equipment) for providing all additional equipment and/or services (including, without limitation, a PSTN line, if required), and for obtaining any permits and/or licences which are necessary for connecting to, and accessing, the Services. You agree that you are responsible for complying with all terms and conditions (including, without limitation, terms of payment) relating to any telecommunications service which is required by you to access the Services.
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