Used for residential purposes definition

Used for residential purposes means any lot or tract five acres or less
Used for residential purposes means any lot or tract five acres or less in size on which is constructed a habitable dwelling unit.
Used for residential purposes means any lot or tract five acres or less in size on which is constructed a habitable dwelling unit. (1959, c. 1010, s. 9; 1973, c. 426, s. 74.)

Examples of Used for residential purposes in a sentence

  • Used for residential purposes" shall mean any lot or tract five acres or less in size on which is constructed a habitable dwelling unit.

  • Used for residential purposes and the separately inhabited part is occupied by a member of the family (first degree relative) of the owner of the rating unit on a rent free basis.


  • Residential two-unit urbanEvery property in the urban sector which is:a) Used for residential purposes and is no more than five hectares in area, and on which is situated two residential units (not being land zoned rural); orb) Zoned rural, and is not more than five hectares in area, and on which is situated two residential units.

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  • Used for residential purposes and which include a separately inhabited part occupied by a dependent member of the family of the owner of the rating unit.

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Used for residential purposes means used for any of the following uses: One-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, multiple dwellings, boardinghouses, lodging houses, guesthouses, residential care facilities for six or fewer persons, and automobile trailer parks, as said terms are used in Chapter 20.200.

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