Claimants Sample Clauses

Claimants. Any person or entity claiming a benefit, requesting an interpretation or ruling under the Plan (hereinafter referred to as "Claimant") shall present the request in writing to the Employer, which shall respond in writing as soon as practicable. If the claim or request is denied, the written notice of denial shall state the reason for denial, with specific reference to the provisions on which the denials is based, a description of any additional material or information required and an explanation of why it is necessary, and an explanation of the program's claims review procedure.
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Claimants. Ariane Oesterreicher (added 28/01/2019)Veolia Environnement SAThe Iveco PartiesRoberto Russo, General Counsel and Company Secretary, CNH Industrial N.V. Brigette Calcavecchia, General Counsel - Legal & Compliance, CNH Industrial N.V. Dirk Hofmann, Legal Manager Germany & Alps region, Iveco Magirus AGRodrigo Martinez Heinberg, Legal Affairs Manager Spain & Portugal, Iveco Espafia, S.L. Simona Finati, Head of Legal Italy, CNH Industrial N.V.Simon McCarthy, Legal North Europe and Africa Middle East, CNH Industrial N.V. Craig Marshall, In-House Solicitor, CNH Industrial N.V. (added 14 March 2019) Marcella Ortolan, Practice Leader Antitrust and Competition Law, Fiat ChryslerAutomobiles N.V. (added 21 November 2019)The MAN PartiesDr. Martin Gstaltmeyr, General Counsel Dr. Anja Doering, Senior Legal Counsel Sebastian Hausner, Legal CounselElif-Selcen Ciftci, Legal Counsel (added 5 February 2019) Ingrid Islinger, Legal Counsel (added 28 March 2019)MAN Truck & Bus AGThe Volvo/ Renault PartiesNina Aresund, Senior Vice President Corporate Legal Kelda Groves, Head of Litigation, UK and Europe Susanne Jannesson, Corporate Legal CounselRoss Goodrich, Corporate Litigation Counsel (added 31 January 2019) Johan Carlsson, Project Manager EU Litigations, Volvo Truck CorporationAB Volvo (publ)Jan Svensson, Vice President Legal Pia Janson (Legal Counsel)Volvo Truck CorporationArnaud Agelou, Legal & Compliance DirectorRenault Trucks SASSimon Villanueva, Legal Director Sonica Dahri, Senior Legal CounselVolvo Group UK LimitedThe Scania PartiesMikael Eurenius, Legal Counsel, Scania CV ABKareen Cranston, Head of Compliance, Legal and Risk, Scania GBThe DAF PartiesDoug Grandstaff, General Counsel Preston Feight, Executive Vice PresidentHarrie Schippers, President and Chief Financial OfficerPACCAR Inc.Duco Zoomer, General CounselRoeby Tjemkes, Senior Legal Counsel (removed on 19 June 2019) Marjon IJpelaar, Senior Legal CounselHarry Wolters, PresidentNico den Houting, Project Manager for Civil LitigationMario Suy, Project Manager Financial Data (added on 06 March 2019)Sanne Boullart, Assistant Project Manager for Civil Litigation (added on 06 March 2019) Willem-Jan Wieland, Senior Legal Counsel (added on 12 April 2019)DAF Trucks NVRobin Easton, Managing DirectorDAF Trucks LimitedPhilippe Canetti, Managing DirectorDAF Trucks France S.A.R.L.The Daimler PartiesThomas Laubert, Vice President and Group General Counsel Florian Adt, Associate General CounselJan-Philipp Komossa, Senior Legal ...
Claimants. Any claim for indemnity under this ARTICLE X by any current or former Affiliate, stockholder, member, officer, director, employee, agent, lender, advisor, Representative, accountant, attorney, or consultant of any Party must be brought and administered by the applicable Party to this Agreement. No indemnified party other than Sellers and Buyer shall have any rights against either Sellers or Buyer under the terms of this ARTICLE X except as may be exercised on its behalf by Buyer or Sellers, as applicable, pursuant to this ARTICLE X. Sellers and Buyer may elect to exercise or not exercise indemnification rights under this ARTICLE X on behalf of the other Seller Indemnified Parties and Buyer Indemnified Parties, respectively, affiliated with it in its sole discretion and shall have no liability to any such other indemnified party for any action or inaction under this Section 10.10.
Claimants. Counsel" means Perry Weitz and Joseph F. Rice in their capacity as counsel to the participating asbestos claimants under that certain settlement agreement between Congoleum Corporation and various asbestos claimants, executed as of April 10, 2003, as amended.
Claimants mean those Settlement Class Members who submit a timely and Valid Claim Form.
Claimants. Counsel” means Disability Rights Advocates, with offices at 2001 Center Street, 4th Floor, Berkeley, California 94704; Brown, Goldstein Levy LLP, with offices at 120 E Baltimore St #1700, Baltimore, Maryland 21202; and TRE Legal Practice with offices at 4226 Castanos Street, Fremont, California 94536.
Claimants. A) Each Claimant hereby additionally represents and warrants, with respect to itself, that:
Claimants. BT Group PLC Bruce Breckenridge, General Counsel Corporate Julian Killin, Senior Contentious LawyerBelinda Bagge, Legal Director Competition & Regulatory Law Timothy Jones, Senior Competition LawyerJulia Mansi, Litigation Lawyer Emily Clark, Chief Economist Helen Lay, Senior EconomistMatt Brown, Legal Director, Ventures Henry Brace, Managing Director, Fleet Solutions Rich Guest, Financial Director, Fleet SolutionsEmily Wise, Financial Reporting Manager, Fleet Solutions Jim Morley, BT Procurement ManagerClive Stalley, BT Procurement Defendants PACCAR Inc Doug Grandstaff, General Counsel Preston Feight, Executive Vice PresidentHarrie Schippers, President and Chief Financial OfficerDAF Trucks N.V Harry Wolters, President Duco Zoomer, General Counsel Marjon IJpelaar, Senior Legal CounselNico den Houting, Project Manager for Civil Litigation Mario Suy, Project Manager Financial DataSanne Boullart, Assistant Project Manager for Civil Litigation (added on 6 March 2019) Willem-Jan Wieland, Senior Legal Counsel (added on 12 April 2019)DAF Trucks Limited Robin Easton, Managing Director
Claimants. Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP Andrew Hockley, Partner Ed Coulson, PartnerBen Blacklock, Senior Associate Clare Reeve, Senior Associate Sarah Ward, Senior Associate Andrew Leitch, Associate Nicholas Young, Associate Graeme Thomas, Associate Tonio Sadoni, AssociateStaffan Wegdell, Counsel Sam Brown, Trainee SolicitorGiulia Carloni, Trainee Solicitor India Fahy, Trainee Solicitor Daniel Swinburn, Senior Paralegal Kaveh Lajmir, Senior ParalegalMarieke Datema, Senior Lawyer Consultant Anali Vega, Legal Clerk Monckton Chambers Tim Ward QC Robert PalmerAnneliese BlackwoodWill Hooper Economic Insight James Harvey, Director Christopher Pickard, Senior Consultant Madeleine Matos, ConsultantNisha Thomas, Analyst Eleanor Clutterbuck, Analyst Khaldia Al Kasm, Analyst Temple Translators Elliot Cain, Group Sales Team Leader Claudia Lewis, Production Team Leader Natalie Corbett, Production Coordinator Euan Onslow, Production Coordinator Polly Pullen, Operations Coordinator Hannah Minns, TranslatorElizabeth O’Loughlin, Translator Rosalyn Munton,Translator Alexander Simpson, Translator Alice Kinnane, Translator Monica Sandor, TranslatorTim Morgan, Translator Laura Rekiaro, TranslatorHellen Mason-Spyry, Translator Asya Sokirko, TranslatorSabine Mepstead, Translator Simon Braun, Translator Cuthbert Lovell, Translator Defendants Travers Smith LLP Caroline Edwards, Partner Nigel Seay, Partner (removed on 30 January 2019) Anne Foster, Consultant Angela Taylor, Senior CounselRachel Wilson, Senior Associate James Hulmes, Senior AssociatePaul McComb, Senior Associate (removed on 30 January 2019) Joseph Moore, Senior Associate Sam Wilson, Senior Associate Rachel Kitchman, Senior Associate Michelle Anderson, Associate Lauren Clark-Hughes, Associate Edward Hardman, Associate Philippe Lopeman, Associate Anchal Kapur, AssociateCharlotte Angwin, Associate Tim Knight, AssociateThomas Davies, Trainee Solicitor (removed on 06 March 2019) Sam Van Besouw, Trainee Solicitor (removed on 06 March 2019)
Claimants. Claimant (and/or any Other Releasing Persons, as defined below), individually and for such person’s heirs, beneficiaries, agents, estate, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns, hereby release and forever discharge, and agree and covenant not to sue the Released Persons, as defined below, of and from all Settled Claims, as defined below. All releases, warranties, representations, covenants, assignments, promises and agreements of any kind made in this Release on my own behalf are also made on behalf of each and every Other Releasing Person (as defined below).