Indemnification Rights definition

Indemnification Rights means all rights, if any, as to which a Person or Entity asserts or possesses based upon Corporate Indemnities.

Examples of Indemnification Rights in a sentence

  • Accordingly, the Company and you acknowledge and agree that, to the extent expressly provided in each agreement, the Employment Agreement, Indemnification Rights and Equity Plan and Equity Agreements shall remain in full force and effect in accordance with their respective terms.

  • The Company and you acknowledge and agree that each party has continuing obligations to the other party under the Employment Agreement, the Indemnification Rights, and Equity Plan and Equity Agreements.

  • Except as provided in Section 6.11 of this Article, the Indemnification Rights of any Indemnitee shall not apply to any Proceeding (or part thereof) initiated by such Indemnitee unless such Proceeding (or part thereof) was approved by the Board in advance.

  • The Indemnification Rights of each Indemnitee shall not be exclusive of any other right that any Indemnitee, Representative or other person may have or hereafter acquire under any statute, the Corporation's Certificate of Incorporation, these By-Laws, any employment or other agreement, any vote of stockholders or disinterested directors, or otherwise.

  • The Indemnification Rights under this Article shall be deemed to be contractual rights for the benefit of, and are expressly intended to benefit, each the Indemnitee, each of whom may enforce any such provisions directly as provided in this Article.

More Definitions of Indemnification Rights

Indemnification Rights means all rights, if any, that any Person asserts or possesses based on the Corporate Indemnities.
Indemnification Rights. As such term is defined in Section 6.10.
Indemnification Rights has the meaning given such term in Section 3.1(c).
Indemnification Rights means Xxxx’x right to advancement of expenses and indemnification pursuant to the DGCL, the Charter Documents and/or the Undertaking.
Indemnification Rights means any obligations or rights of County Seat to indemnify or contribute to the losses, liabilities or expenses of an Indemnitee pursuant to County Seat's certificate of incorporation, bylaws or policy of providing employee indemnification, or applicable state law or specific agreement in respect of any claims, demands, suits, causes of action or proceedings against an Indemnitee based upon any act or omission related to an Indemnitee's service with, for or on behalf of County Seat.
Indemnification Rights means the indemnification rights to be provided by the Opco Entities pursuant to the Holdco / Opco Settlement.