Distance Sample Clauses

Distance. The distance between the place of use and the place of storage should not exceed 100 metres along the nearest road.
Distance. With regard to hauling distance, the base price per tonne of ore has been computed for a mean three-month distance of 2,300.00 (two thousand three hundred) meters. Any mean quarterly distance in excess of 2,300.00 meters originates certain expenses to CONTRACTOR that CLIENT should cover through and adjustment to the ton of material base price per additional meter of haulage. Should any haulage excess occur of 2,300.00 meters, the base price per tonne of material would be increased by US$0.00025 per additional tonne/meter, applicable to all invoiced tonnage during the said quarterly period of time. This factor of $0.00025 USD shall be subject to semester reviewing, like the ton of material base price.
Distance. No teacher shall be transferred outside a forty (40) kilometre radius from the teacher’s “home school”, except by mutual agreement. “
Distance. No teacher shall be transferred outside a forty (40) kilometre radius from the
Distance e. Course (bearing or direction).
Distance. The distance is reported in Figure 3.4f. We can see that PIM provided more accurate locations than LM for two reasons. First, because PIM is optimal, the posterior probability distribution is more accurate than LM. Second, with such distribution a better (Bayesian) inference can be obtained, making ∆X more accurate for the coming timestamp.
Distance. In the event of the death of a spouse, child, father or mother an employee may request leave without pay in addition to the days provided for in this article. The Company shall grant such leave without pay for a period not exceeding five (5) calendar days on the condition that the employee must attend the funeral and provide the Company with acceptable proof of his or her attendance at the funeral.
Distance. The new job must be at least 50 miles further from the taxpayer’s former residence than the former residence was from the former place of work. EXHIBIT B
Distance. 1. The minimum distance criteria between all Active and Ethical DDP’s shall be as follows: