Certificate of Clinical Competence Sample Clauses

Certificate of Clinical Competence. During the year in which a teacher who is employed as an Educational Speech Language Clinician receives from the American Speech/Language/ Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence the teacher shall receive additional pay. The amount shall be one-half of the difference between the amount of the performance increment and lane for which the teacher is qualified and the same performance increment of the next higher lane. For every subsequent year the certified teacher shall be placed on a lane one higher than the one for which the teacher is qualified under 12-5-3. For a teacher who has Certificate of Clinical Competence and earns a doctorate (Ph.D./Ed.D.), the teacher shall receive an additional $2000 above the teacher’s current salary.
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Certificate of Clinical Competence. Speech and Language Clinicians who hold their Certificate of Clinical Competence, School Social Workers who hold the School Social Work Specialist Certification, Occupational Therapists who hold the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, School Psychologists who hold the National School Psychologist credential, and Licensed School Nurses who hold the National Board for Certification of Schools Nurses credential, will receive a stipend of $1,000 annually in addition to base salary. This stipend will be paid upon receiving verification of renewal from the teacher. (This payment will replace the reimbursement payment for the Certificate).
Certificate of Clinical Competence. The Board and the Union established a task force to explore the feasibility of accommodating the needs of candidates for the certificate of clinical competence (CCC) to work with a holder of the CCC. The task force reported its findings and recommendations which provide the basis for the Board’s program.
Certificate of Clinical Competence. Speech Language Pathologist who possess the Certificate of Clinical Competence shall receive a $550.00 stipend each year they maintain their Certificate of Clinical Competence. This stipend is indexed to the salary schedule and will increase as base increases occur. Nurses shall be paid on the Teacher Salary Schedule and shall receive salary advancements and lane changes in the same manner as teachers as specified in this agreement.
Certificate of Clinical Competence. The district will reimburse the full amount of the annual licensing fee for the Certificate of Clinical Competence.

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