Cash Bond Sample Clauses

Cash Bond. A. A cash Bond once deposited must be refunded 90 days after this Agreement has been terminated, or upon application to the Joint Conference Board after satisfactory proof that the Contractor is no longer contracting within the jurisdiction of the Local Union signatory hereto.
Cash Bond. In the case of a cash bond:
Cash Bond. The Grantee shall deposit a cash bond in the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars($100,000.00) in an interest bearing account. The cash bond shall be on terms acceptable to theCity Attorney. The cash bond shall serve as security for the faithful performance by Grantee of all the provisions and obligations of this Franchise Agreement and the Restated and Amended Franchise Agreement Between City of Xxxxxxxx and Republic Services of Contra Costa County (Recycling) of even date. All interest shall be paid to the Grantee.
Cash Bond. The District reserves the right to require, if it should deem it necessary, a cash bond of five hundred dollars ($500), or more to cover possible damage to, or loss of District property (e.g., equipment, furniture, or facility) occurring as a result of the lease. This shall be in addition to any other lease-related charges.
Cash Bond. If credit support is to be provided in the form of a cash bond, the following provisions will apply:
Cash Bond. The Contractor will submit a cash bond in the amount of which will be submitted to the Xxxxxx County Treasurer’s Office (hereinafter the “Treasurer”) and held in an escrow account (hereinafter the “Escrow Account”).
Cash Bond. Pursuant to Section of the Hollister Municipal Code, Developer shall deposit with the City _($ ) cash which may be used at the discretion of the City Engineer to guarantee the improvements against any defective work or labor done or defective materials used in the performance of the improvements throughout the warranty period, as described in Section 19 below. Any unexpended amount will be returned to Developer at the time all bonds required by this Agreement are released.}}}}}}}}}
Cash Bond. (1) The Improvements shall be secured by cash, check (cashier's, certified, or registered), or money order issued by (financial institution), in the amount of Dollars ($ ), payable to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners. Developer may, at its option, later provide to the County a letter of credit acceptable to County, in like amount that will be substituted for the cash, check, or money order. If Developer provides a letter of credit, the provisions of Section 4(b) above will apply.
Cash Bond. 1. Cash, herein termed a "Cash Bond", shall be deposited with the Trustees of the Contract Administration Trust, and said bond shall be subject to the levying of claims in the same manner as the indemnity bond in (A) above, and claims so levied shall be paid directly by the Trustees of the Contract Administration Trust from the principal of such cash bond.
Cash Bond. Except for Agents employed by the Company within the confines of the State of California, all Agents: