Defective Work definition

Defective Work means work which is unsatisfactory, faulty or deficient, or not in conformity with the Contract Documents. It shall also include work damaged prior to approval of final payment unless responsibility for such damage shall have been expressly assumed by the City at Substantial Completion.

Examples of Defective Work in a sentence

  • If Contractor fails to correct Defective Work as required by Section 13.2 of these General Conditions, fails to perform the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents or violates any Applicable Law, County may immediately order Contractor to stop the Work, or any portion thereof, until the cause for such direction has been eliminated by Contractor.

  • The time after Substantial Completion during which Contractor must correct, at no cost to PCCA, any Defective Work; normally one year after the date of Substantial Completion or such longer period of time as may be prescribed by Laws or Regulations or by the terms of any applicable special guarantee or specific provision of the Construction Contract Documents.

More Definitions of Defective Work

Defective Work means Work that fails to conform to the Contract Documentsrequirements.
Defective Work means any work or portion thereof which is defective or otherwise does not conform to the requirements of the Contract Documents.
Defective Work has the meaning indicated in subparagraph 2(A)(2)(e).
Defective Work is any portion of the Work that that does not conform with the Contract Documents.
Defective Work shall have the meaning assigned to it in subparagraph 1(A)(2)(f) of the Construction Management Agreement.
Defective Work has the meaning indicated in the Construction Agreement.