Basic Coverage Sample Clauses

Basic Coverage. Pays 60% of salary with a $6,000 monthly maximum. Employees pay a 30% copayment of premium.
Basic Coverage. Fund Basic Coverage ---- -------------- Series Fund 600,000 Money Fund 350,000 Insurance Series Fund 525,000 ------- Total 1,475,000
Basic Coverage. 7.5.1 Basic Coverage is available to all MiSalud Enrollees, except as provided in the table below. Basic Coverage includes the following categories: BASIC COVERAGE SERVICES MISALUD ELIGIBILITY GROUPS COVERED Preventive Services All Diagnostic Test Services All Outpatient Rehabilitation Services All Medical and Surgical Services All Emergency Transportation Services All Maternity and Pre-Natal Services All Emergency Services All (Services outside Puerto Rico available only for Medicaid and CHIP Eligible Persons) Hospitalization Services All Behavioral Health Services All (Note: Services provided by MBHO; not covered under this Contract.) Pharmacy Services All (Note: Claims processing and adjudication Services provided by PBM; not covered under this Contract.)
Basic Coverage. Title Company shall provide and maintain at the Judicial Council’s discretion and Title Company’s expense the following insurance during the Term: