Complete Sample Clauses

Complete. [ ] yes [ ] no. If no, please identify incomplete aspects of the Services or Deliverables.
Complete. [ ] yes [ ] no. If no, please identify incomplete aspects of the Work.
Complete. This Contract contains all negotiations and agreements between the State and the Contractor. No other understanding regarding this Contract, whether written or oral, may be used to bind either party.
Complete. No activity to report this quarter. 100% Complete
Complete. “Course Evaluation” at the completion of each course. Each instructor reads and considers each evaluation and all comments when making modifications to his/her course. Also, the Nursing Department Curriculum Committee reviews a summary of all course evaluations each year. Refer to Appendix: Course Evaluation Process
Complete a manuscript of their research project as determined by the resident’s research committee and RRC.
Complete the calculation in Item 2a of your applicable Beneficial Holder Subscription Form(s), which calculates the maximum number of Rights Offering Shares available for you to purchase. Such amount must be rounded down to the nearest whole share.
Complete. Medical Cover-- Family (100% coverage) 2. Complete Dental Cover-- Family (100% coverage) 3. Life Insurance-- For Employer ($1M Term Life) 4. Accidental Death and Dismemberment-- Employee 5. Vision Care-- Family 6. Long Term Disability--Employee
Complete. Complete ownership and control by the faculty member. The faculty member will determine all forms of use.
Complete. A Health Plan submitting encounters that represent at least 95% of the Covered Services provided by the Health Plan’s Providers and non-participating providers. It is expected that the Health Plan will strive to make every effort to achieve a 100% complete submission rate.