Approving Sample Clauses

Approving. On behalf of Sponsor: On Behalf of Washington State University: Signature Signature Name: Title: Date:
Approving. On behalf of Sponsor: On Behalf of Washington State University: Signature Name: Title: Date: Signature Name: Title: Date: ATTACHMENT A Clean Plant Center Northwest Service Price Schedule Effective 1st July 2017
Approving a transaction that falls outside of the normal course of business of the Company;
Approving. Physician Members shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 10.4(a).
Approving. (A) the transfers of the relevant Sale Shares from the relevant Seller to the Purchaser and recording of such transfers in the registers of the Company;
Approving. Desktop Computer Equipment or Software Information Technology Services and KCP&L department head Information Technology projects KCP&L President or designee Contributions/Donations Up to $100 each if within approved contribution budgets If within the Board of Directors' allocated budget Other monetary or property contributions within Board of Director guidelines Superintendents-South, and East Districts KCP&L Vice President KCP&L President Damage Settlement Claims Property Damage Claims - Settlement authority (except where precedent setting or where associate is empowered under the customer guarantee program) - Up to $100 - Up to $500 - Up to $1,000 ~Related to alleged inadequate or faulty electric service - Other to $2,000 - Current contract levels - Above $2,000 1st level Supervisor in Customer Service 2nd level Supervisor in Customer Service Manager, Customer Communications Center or designee Superintendent, Distribution up to Manager, Distribution Authorized Risk Management Contractor KCP&L Vice President concerned with concurrence of any other potentially affected areas Damage settlement claims which may set precedence General Counsel or designee Personal injury claims Combination personal injury and property Vehicular accidents Law Department Attorneys Law Department Attorneys Law Department Attorneys; Authorized Risk Management Contractor (to current contract levels) Fleet equipment acquisitions and modifications over $500, regardless of power source Manager, Support Operations KCP&L V.P. if unbudgeted Materials - Overshipments - Stores Requisitions Manager or Superintendent if overshipment is over $500 or 10% of order total. Director if overshipment is $10,000 or more First level Supervision - May be after the fact approval based on monthly report of associate requisitions Cellular telephones Department Head Moving Expenses KCP&L Vice President and Human Resources Division Office furniture over $500/piece or $1,000 total purchase Budgeted Unbudgeted Budget in individual departments. Purchase by Facilities Construction and Maintenance to provide adherence to Company standards Purchase Orders Purchasing Department Reimbursement of associate incurred business expenses other than out of town travel and other costs specifically identified above Immediate Supervisor Remittance to outside agencies of amounts withheld from associate paychecks or collected from customers Asst. Controller or KCP&L Vice President Establishment of repetitive wire transfers of ...
Approving. Dispute Resolution Procedures, is not property of the QHL bankruptcy estate and is payable to third parties other than the Funds or Cal TD.

Related to Approving

  • Resolutions Copies of resolutions of the Board of Directors of each Credit Party approving and adopting the Credit Documents to which it is a party, the transactions contemplated therein and authorizing execution and delivery thereof, certified by a secretary or assistant secretary of such Credit Party to be true and correct and in force and effect as of the Closing Date.

  • Resolutions; Incumbency (i) Copies of the resolutions of the board of directors of the Company authorizing the transactions contemplated hereby, certified as of the Closing Date by the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary of the Company; and

  • Incumbency An incumbency certificate of each Credit Party certified by a secretary or assistant secretary to be true and correct as of the Closing Date.

  • Certified Copies of Organizational Documents The Agent shall have received from the Borrower a copy, certified as of a recent date by the appropriate officer of each State in which the Borrower, the Guarantors or any of their respective Subsidiaries, as applicable, is organized or in which the Real Estate is located and a duly authorized partner, member or officer of such Person, as applicable, to be true and complete, of the partnership agreement, corporate charter, declaration of trust or other organizational documents of the Borrower, the Guarantors, or any Subsidiary, as applicable, or its qualification to do business, as applicable, as in effect on such date of certification.

  • Certificate of Operating Authority When ordering, DTI must represent and warrant to GTE that it is a certified provider of local dial-tone service. DTI will provide a copy of its Certificate of Operating Authority or other evidence of its status to GTE upon request.

  • Plan of Reorganization (a) This Agreement is intended to constitute a "plan of reorganization" within the meaning of section 1.368-2(g) of the income tax regulations promulgated under the Code. From and after the date of this Agreement and until the Effective Time, each party hereto shall use its reasonable best efforts to cause the Merger to qualify, and will not knowingly take any action, cause any action to be taken, fail to take any action or cause any action to fail to be taken which action or failure to act could prevent the Merger from qualifying as a reorganization under the provisions of section 368(a) of the Code. Following the Effective Time, neither the Surviving Corporation, Parent nor any of their affiliates shall knowingly take any action, cause any action to be taken, fail to take any action or cause any action to fail to be taken, which action or failure to act could cause the Merger to fail to qualify as a reorganization under section 368(a) of the Code.

  • Governing Body Contractor shall implement and maintain policies that specify the responsibilities of the governing body including at a minimum the following:

  • Sale Order The Sale Order shall, among other things, (a) approve, pursuant to sections 105, 363 and 365 of the Bankruptcy Code, (i) the execution, delivery and performance by Sellers of this Agreement, (ii) the sale of the Acquired Assets to Buyer on the terms set forth herein and free and clear of all Encumbrances (other than Permitted Encumbrances), and (iii) the performance by Sellers of their obligations under this Agreement, (b) authorize and empower Sellers to assume and assign to Buyer the Transferred Contracts, (c) find that Buyer is a “good faith” purchaser within the meaning of section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code, find that Buyer is not a successor to any Seller, and grant Buyer the protections of section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code, (d) find that Buyer shall have no Liability or responsibility for any Liability or other obligation of any Seller arising under or related to the Acquired Assets other than as expressly set forth in this Agreement, including successor or vicarious Liabilities of any kind or character, including any theory of antitrust, environmental, successor, or transferee Liability, labor law, de facto merger, or substantial continuity, (e) find that Buyer has provided adequate assurance (as that term is used in section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code) of future performance in connection with the assumption of the Transferred Contracts, (f) find that Buyer shall have no Liability for any Excluded Liability, (g) find that the consideration provided by Buyer pursuant to this Agreement constitutes reasonably equivalent value and fair consideration for the Acquired Assets, (h) find that Buyer and Sellers did not engage in any conduct which would allow this Agreement to be set aside pursuant to section 363(n) of the Bankruptcy Code and (i) order that, notwithstanding the provisions of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedures 6004(h) and 6006(d), the Sale Order is not stayed and is effective immediately upon entry. Buyer agrees that it will promptly take such actions as are reasonably requested by any Seller to assist in obtaining Bankruptcy Court approval of the Sale Order, including furnishing affidavits or other documents or information for filing with the Bankruptcy Court for purposes, among others, of (A) demonstrating that Buyer is a “good faith” purchaser under section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code and (B) establishing adequate assurance of future performance within the meaning of section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Bidding Documents The Construction Documents, the Invitation to Bid, the Instructions to Bidders, the Bid Form, and all Addenda, upon which the Bidder submits a Bid.

  • Modifications of Organizational Documents The Parent and the Borrower shall not, and shall not permit any Loan Party or other Subsidiary to, amend, supplement, restate or otherwise modify its articles or certificate of incorporation, by-laws, operating agreement, declaration of trust, partnership agreement or other applicable organizational document if such amendment, supplement, restatement or other modification could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.