and Services Sample Clauses

and Services. This Agreement is not a sale and does not convey to Customer any rights of ownership in or related to the PowerSchool Product(s) and Services, or the Intellectual Property Rights owned by PowerSchool. Customer will not accrue any residual rights to the PowerSchool Product(s), including any rights to the Intellectual Property Rights in connection therewith.
and Services. It is very important that every person accessing therapy and/or healing be the right fit for those services. To ensure that clients find the appropriate services that suit their needs and Xxxxxxxxx is willing and wanting to assist you in making choices for your therapy and healing. However, she does reserve the right to determine which group(s)/services are not appropriate for you. Xxxxxxxxx also reserves the right to terminate your access to group(s) and/or services if she feels it is necessary. Appointment Length All appointments with Xxxxxxxxx are 55 minutes in length. Appointment times will not be extended to accommodate lateness.
and Services. SECTION SECTION TITLE PAGE 1.0 INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………………... 1
and Services. The Credit Union is committed to delivering exceptional products and services to members. To that end our employees are trained to handle interpersonal interactions effectively and to address any service issues with Credit Union members. The Credit Union’s policies define the circumstances under which services may be limited for members who engage in "improper or abusive conduct;" and also address other circumstances where membership and/or services may be terminated or limited. The policy is not intended to restrict the rights and freedoms of any particular group or individual, but to protect Credit Union employees and members by addressing unacceptable conduct. You also understand and expressly agree that the Credit Union is a non-profit organization and that the rights addressed in this section are necessary to protect the Credit Union for the benefit of all members. You may terminate your membership by giving us notice and complying with the policies and procedures of the Credit Union. Termination will not release you from any fees or obligations you owe us, those incurred in the process of closing your account(s) or your liability on outstanding items or transactions. You further agree that we can terminate your membership, any account or service for cause based on any of the circumstances defined in this Agreement; without notice or further action. We may terminate, limit or restrict, or change the terms, as we in our sole discretion deem appropriate, any of your account(s) or service(s), including but not limited to loan services, or place a freeze on any sums on deposit with us at any time without notice or require you to close your account(s)/service(s) and apply for a new account(s)/service(s) if: (1) there is a request to change the owners or authorized users; (2) there is a fraud/forgery or unauthorized use committed or reported;
and Services. The Documentation will accurately and completely describe the functions and features of the SaaS Application(s) and Services, including all subsequent revisions thereto. The Documentation shall be understandable by a typical end user and shall provide Authorized Users with sufficient instruction such that an Authorized User can become self-reliant with respect to access and use of the SaaS Application(s)
and Services. City shall have the right to make any number of additional copies of the Documentation at no additional charge. The City may withhold payment until City receives the completed Documentation.
and Services. If none of these options is reasonably available to Contractor, then City shall have the option to rescind this Agreement and shall be entitled to a full refund of all fees paid under this Agreement before termination. In that event, return of City Data shall be in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
and Services. TQ BE.PROVIDED
and Services. The Employer shall continue to provide the Association, at no charge, with accessible, appropriately furnished, serviced and maintainedspace equivalentto square feet of Net Assignable Square Feet. University services as may be agreed upon from to by other parties shall be provided at the current rate for internal users.