Customer or Supplier definition

Customer or Supplier means the following alternatives:

Examples of Customer or Supplier in a sentence

No charges will be levied by us directly to the Customer or Supplier of the embedded MPAN(s) connected within the licence exempt distribution network.

The Customer or Supplier shall bear the cost of providing and installing the telemetering equipment, communication device, or any other related equipment, and shall have electronic access to the Customer’s Gas Usage information.

Section 3.19 of the Disclosure Schedule contains a true, correct and complete list of the names and addresses of the Customers and the Suppliers, and the amount of sales to or purchases from each such Customer or Supplier, as applicable, during the twelve (12) month period ended on the date hereof.

The Companies reserve the right to make such Customer or Supplier aware of the Executive’s obligations under Section 6 of this Agreement.

The Company shall complete installation of the telemetering equipment or communication device, if reasonably possible, within thirty (30) days of receiving a written request from the Customer or Supplier provided that the Customer completes the installation of any required telephone or electrical connections within ten (10) days of such request.

Solicit or attempt to influence any Prospective Customer or Supplier to purchase products or services from an entity other than Nucor or to provide products or services to an entity other than Nucor, which are the same or substantially similar to, or otherwise in competition with, those offered to the Prospective Customer or Supplier by Nucor or those offered to Nucor by the Prospective Customer or Supplier.

The Customer or Supplier is responsible for downloading the file containing the interval data from the internet server.

Subscription Service for Interval Data via Electronic Mail (E-mail), U.S. Mail or Internet Server The Company will provide the monthly interval data in an electronic format to the Customer or Supplier via E-Mail, U.S. Mail, or the Company will post the monthly interval data files to an internet server designated by the Company.

The Customer or Supplier may receive the data through the optical port on the equipment or electronically.

The Company shall bill the Customer or Supplier upon installation.

Related to Customer or Supplier

End-Use Customer means a person or entity in Delaware that purchases electrical energy at retail prices from a Retail Electricity Supplier.
Customer Contract means any Contract between any of the Seller Parties or any of their Subsidiaries on the one hand and a customer, distributor or dealer of Seller or any of its Subsidiaries on the other hand for the purchase, sale, distribution, marketing, servicing, support or manufacturing (or similar matters) of Printer Products.
Contractor/Supplier means the person or company whose tender is accepted by the Purchaser and shall be deemed to include the Contractor’s successors, heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and assigns approved by the Purchaser.
Supplier means the successful bidder who is awarded the contract to maintain and administer the required and specified service(s) to the State.
Customer means and include the account debtor with respect to any Receivable and/or the prospective purchaser of goods, services or both with respect to any contract or contract right, and/or any party who enters into or proposes to enter into any contract or other arrangement with any Borrower, pursuant to which such Borrower is to deliver any personal property or perform any services.
Prospective Customer means any person, firm, company or other organisation whatsoever with whom or which the Company or any Group Company shall have had negotiations or discussions regarding the possible distribution, sale or supply of Company Products during the six months immediately preceding the Termination Date and with whom or which, during such period:
New Customer means any Person that is not an Exterran Customer, a Partnership Customer or an Overlapping Customer and that informs any of the Parties hereto of a need for Competitive Services.
End User Customer means a third party retail Customer that subscribes to a Telecommunications Service provided by either of the Parties or by another Carrier or by two (2) or more Carriers.
Business Customer means a customer that is a business operating in any form, including a sole proprietorship. Sales to a non-profit organization, to a trust, to the U.S. Government, to a foreign, state or local government, or to an agency or instrumentality of that government are treated as sales to a business customer and must be assigned consistent with the rules for those sales.
service supplier means any person that supplies a service;12
Third Party Supplier means a third party manufacturer and/or licensor of Products.
Supplier/Contractor means the individual, firm or company with whom the contract has been concluded for supplying the Goods and Services under the Contract. The Supplier/Contractor shall be deemed to include its successors (approved by the purchaser), representatives, heirs, executors, administrators and permitted;
Products and Services means the products and/or services to be sold by Vendor hereunder as identified and described on Attachment A hereto and incorporated herein, as may be updated from time to time by Vendor to reflect products and/or services offered by Vendor generally to its customers.
Retail customer means any person that purchases retail electric energy for its own consumption at
Customer Contracts means the Debtors’ drilling contracts and other agreements with customers of the Debtors and their Affiliates, including guarantees by the Debtors of other Entities’ performance under such contracts.
End Customer means a person or entity that licenses the Software from the OEM, incorporated in the Bundled Software and for use within the Business Scope, for its personal or internal use and not for remarketing, redistribution or other transfer of the Software to any other person or entity.
Reseller means an entity authorized by Microsoft to resell Licenses under this program and engaged by an Enrolled Affiliate to provide pre- and post-transaction assistance related to this agreement;
End User means any person or entity (e.g., contractor, contractor’s employee, business associate, subcontractor, other downstream user, etc.) that receives DHHS data or derivative data in accordance with the terms of this Contract.
Existing Customer means a residential customer
Competitive Products or Services means, as of any time, those products or services of the type that any of the Bank Entities is providing, or is actively preparing to provide, to its customers.
Product name means the name of the commercial feed which identifies it as to kind, class or specific use.
Supplier Software means the means any software identified as such in the Order Form together with all other software which is not listed in the Order Form but which is or will be used by the Supplier or any Sub-Contractor for the purposes of providing the Goods and/or Services or is embedded in and in respect of such other software as required to be licensed in order for the Customer to receive the benefit of and/or make use of the Goods and/or Services;
Customer Content means any and all data, applications, files, information or materials accessed, transmitted, uploaded, published or displayed through the Software or Hosted Service by You, Your Users or any third party users and/or their Devices. It does not include Relationship Data or Usage Data.
Related Supplier means any person who provides services to the Customer which are related to the Services from time to time;
Contractor/Supplier/Tenderer/Bidder means the person or company whose tender is accepted by the Purchaser and shall be deemed to include the Contractor’s successors, legal heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and permitted assignees.
Supplier’s Team means the Supplier and, where applicable, any Relevant Person, and all other employees, consultants, agents and sub-contractors which the Supplier engages in any way in relation to the supply of the Services or the Goods; and