Outputs and Results definition

Outputs and Results means the outputs and results listed in the Agreed Proposal as amended from time to time in accordance with this Agreement;
Outputs and Results those outputs, results and targets described in the ITT and those outputs, results and targets set out in Appendix 2 of this agreement and the IOGs upon which the Manager is required to report pursuant to clause 8 and with respect to which the Manager is required to have regard in marketing the opportunity to apply for Investment by the Partnership, dealing with those applications for Investment, assisting applicants and making Investments on behalf of the Partnership;

Examples of Outputs and Results in a sentence

  • You should refer toAnnex 2 of this document for further guidance on evidencing ESF eligibility and Outputs and Results.

  • Evidence of Outputs and Results - It is vital that you are able to accurately report the European Structural Investment Funds fund outputs and results the project will deliver and that you are able to evidence these at audit.

  • The Outputs Block includes your Outputs and Results delivery profiles and forecasts.

  • You must keep up-to-date project files in which all information pertaining to the delivery of the Project and records relating to both Outputs and Results should be stored.

  • All records and evidence of achievement of the Project Outputs and Results.

  • You will be able to see the value of the Outputs and Results that you have reported, and that will be included in your claim, in the Outputs Block.

  • We have developed this certificate for use with programmes where payments are made against the achievement of Outputs and Results.

  • You may retain some of the ESF Grant Funding that we pay you for these Outputs and Results if you are providing support to your Subcontractor in respect of administration and management, or other support to enable the Outputs and Results to be delivered.

  • As your ESF Grant Funding payments are based on the actual Outputs and Results that you deliver, underperformance will result in a reduction in the proportion of your Lifetime Grant Value that you can claim.

  • The GLA will pay you ESF Grant Funding for delivery of Outputs and Results.

Related to Outputs and Results

  • Areas of Operations means the locations where PURCHASER performs the operations described in the contract.

  • Project Results means all data and results of the Project.

  • Results means any information, documentation, designs, technical drawings, software (system and application software), algorithms, elaborated design data, technical or industrial data, tools, knowledge, know-how, trade secrets, equipment and services process, methodology, and any intellectual property therein, regardless of their support and whether or notprotected byan intellectual property right, developed, created or acquired by one Party during the execution of the Contract. The Results shall become the exclusive property of Purchaser as and when they are created or developed.

  • AREA OF OPERATIONS means the Company's oilfield operations in the States of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Hours of Operation are the hours established by the Employer to provide adequate service to the public and to fulfil the functions of the work unit.

  • Revise and Resubmit means that the Submittal does not meet all the requirements necessary to proceed with the Work associated with the Submittal. The Contractor must resubmit in accordance with the reviewer’s comments and/or corrections. Submittal marked in this manner must not be released for fabrication, delivery, or construction.

  • Plan of operation means the plan of operation of the program

  • Area of operation means the area from which the persons can be admitted as members of the Bank.

  • Operations means all the activities conducted by PURCHASER under this contract, including project work, logging, or post harvest activities; or the furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to successfully complete any individual item or the entire contract.

  • Financial exploitation means a breach of a fiduciary duty by an actor’s unauthorized expenditure of funds entrusted to the actor for the benefit of the vulnerable adult or by an actor’s failure to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, therapeutic conduct or supervision, the failure of which results or is likely to result in detriment to the vulnerable adult. Financial exploitation also includes: the willful use, withholding or disposal of funds or property of a vulnerable adult; the obtaining of services for wrongful profit or advantage which results in detriment to the vulnerable adult; the acquisition of a vulnerable adult’s funds or property through undue influence, harassment, duress, deception or fraud; and the use of force, coercion, or enticement to cause a vulnerable adult to perform services against the vulnerable adult’s will for the profit or advantage of another.

  • Accounting Records means the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers and supporting schedules which support the general ledger balances.

  • Company Financial Information As defined in Section 2(a)(ii).

  • Books and Records means all books, records, board minutes, contracts, licenses, insurance policies, environmental audits, business plans, files, computer files, computer discs and other data and software storage and media devices, accounting books and records, financial statements (actual and pro forma), filings with Governmental Authorities and any and all records and instruments relating to the Collateral or otherwise necessary or helpful in the collection thereof or the realization thereupon.

  • Certificate of operation means a document issued by the administrator or an approved local jurisdiction for a conveyance indicating that the conveyance has been inspected by the administrator, an approved local jurisdiction, or a licensed third-party conveyance inspector and approved under this article.

  • Financial Records means any document or summary of information contained in a document, including electronic documents, that contains information about the financial activities or position of a person including, but not limited to, information about the assets, balance sheets, budgets, cash flow, earnings, revenue, expenditures, income, investments, losses, liabilities, payroll, profits, retained earnings, or taxes.

  • Data means recorded information, regardless of form, the media on which it is recorded, or the method of recording.

  • Commencement of Operations means, with respect to any Facility, the completion and the performance of all of the following activities:

  • Research Results means any technical result acquired based on the Collaborative Research, including, but not limited to, any invention, idea, design, copyrightable work and know-how which relates to the purpose of the Collaborative Research.

  • Financial Information has the meaning set forth in Section 4.6.

  • Historical data means data collected more than five years before the department’s date of listing or other determination under section 455B.194, subsection 1.

  • Projections as defined in Section 6.2(c).

  • Financial Data means any financial and market data, price quotes, news, analyst opinions, research reports, signals, graphs or any other data or information whatsoever available through the Trading Platform.

  • Transferred Books and Records means all books, ledgers, files, reports, plans, records, manuals and other materials (in any form or medium) to the extent of, or maintained predominantly for, the Business by the Seller’s Group (other than emails), including (without limitation) all books, records and other materials relating to the research, development and pre-clinical trials for each of the Products and the Product Expansions but excluding:

  • Accounting Information means (a) the annual audited consolidated financial statements of the Group and (b) the quarterly unaudited consolidated financial statements of the Group, each as provided or (as the context may require) to be provided to the Bank in accordance with clause 5.1.4;

  • Balance Sheets has the meaning set forth in Section 4.5(a).

  • Balance Sheet has the meaning set forth in Section 3.06.